Is your #PlateProud?

Let’s face it. In this day and age, knowing where your food comes from can be pretty important when it comes to knowing what the heck is in it. With misleading “titles” that don’t really mean anything (I’m looking at you “cage free”), it can seem really overwhelming to find good ingredients.


And that’s what makes Green BEAN Delivery so flipping awesome. If you’re not familiar with Green BEAN, it’s a membership-based subscription service (with no sign-up fees) that provides you super delicious, super organic, super healthy groceries right to your DOOR. Yep. YOUR FRONT DOOR.

The best part about this service? The power is in YOUR hands! You get to decide how frequently you want to order, WHAT you want to order and when the heck you want these awesome groceries delivered! There’s a variety of bin options, all loaded with certified-organic produce and there are plenty of awesome healthy add-ons too, like gluten-free chocolate chip cookies and MORE!

And because Green BEAN likes to encourage healthy, delicious meals, they’re currently running a pretty sweet recipe content called #PlateProud. With over $1,200 in prizes being given away AND five different categories you can enter, Green BEAN wants to find out what’s on your plate! With a deadline of May 22, you have just under a month to enter your original, tasty recipes (one per category). Five winners and five runners up will be chosen and announced on June 15. The recipes must be original and no longer than 400 words, and a photo is required. This is open to U.S. residents only and winning recipes will be highlighted on Green BEAN’s website! Holler!

The five totes awesome categories you’ll be submitting your #PlateProud recipe to (and their awesome prizes) include:

  • Grillin’ & Chillin: winner receives a premier grill set, including a plancha wok, accessories, a cookbook and a $50 Green BEAN Delivery gift card
  • Quick, Easy & Kid-Friendly: winner receives a BPA-and-phthalates-free and leakproof bento-style lunchbox, Mr & MRs. Food Face plates, food truck-shaped bowl, chalkboard placemats, training chopsticks, some simple cookbooks and a $50 Green BEAN Delivery gift card
  • Locavore: winner receives a vertical herb garden, chalkboard planter, cookbook and a $50 Green BEAN Delivery gift card
  • Veggie side: winner receives a French-made de Buyer Viper Dicing Mandolin slicer with interchangeable blades for cubes, diamond cuts, julienne, strips, sticks and rounds, a guide to cooking veggies, a cookbook and a $50 Green BEAN Delivery gift card
  • Pack-and-Go Healthy Lunch: winner receives a stainless steel bento-style PlanetBox lunch box with soft carry bag, two hinged Italian-made glass jars with airtight seals, six wooden and reusable chalkboard tags, a cookbook and a $50 Green BEAN Delivery gift card. 

All runners up will receive a $50 Green BEAN Delivery gift card.

Are you ready to enter? You can do it one of two ways: online by following this handy dandy link, or through snail mail at GREEN BEAN DELIVERY #PLATEPROUD RECIPE CONTEST, Green BEAN Delivery, PO Box 26700, Indianapolis, IN 46226 (all entries MUST be RECEIVED by May 22.)

Make sure you share all your awesome recipe ideas and outtakes on social media with the #PlateProud label!

I know which prize I’ve got my eye on (I’m coming for you, mandolin slicer!), what would you be most excited to win?

Win your next movie night: an all organic, mosty vegetarian comedy!

Now that we’ve got two children, date nights have become few and far between. It’s not that our friends and family aren’t lining up at our door to watch our perfectly well-behaved, angelic children (because I mean, that’s what they are, in case YOU wanted to come watch them), it’s really that we don’t have the energy to do it.

Don’t worry, we’re «taking time for ourselves» and all that jazz, we’re not the kid-obsessed parents you might be fearing (I mean, duh, have you read my blog?), we’re just usually really terrible at planning things and wait until the last minute, for well, everything. 

So «date night» to us, has turned into, put on our least-scrubby looking jeans, favorite tops, flip flops and throw something in the oven while watching whatever new movie has been released. 

Close to a year ago we gave up cable for good. We said peace out to our $120 cable bill and now we pay $16 a month for Hulu Plus and Netflix. So when I got an email asking if I’d heard of the independent comedy «The Happy Poet,» I of course perused my Netflix instant queue. And sure enough, this little gem was on it. Imagine my surprise excitement when I was then asked by Cinema Libre Studio to not only do a fun little write-up for the movie, but to actually host a giveaway? 

I’m telling you folks, it’s a win-win this vegan thing. So on our last movie night, my husband and I settled in and watched «The Happy Poet» while we made a homemade vegan squash lasagna with kohlrabi ricotta! (Recipe will be posted this week!) 

This is a clever, sweet little movie. It’s directed, written and starring Paul Gordon and it’s a tale about a man who wants to do something more than sell hot dogs out of a cart. He wants to offer organic food, vegan food  — namely an eggless egg sald — at the right cost. I was taken all the way back to my honeymoon in Portland where we ate from a bijillion different food trucks for the first time ever! 

It’s not just about hot dogs though, folks, this movie has a lot of heart and packs some laughs. The cast is down-to-earth, believable and you find yourself rooting for them throughout the movie. I will say it’s more suitable for date night with adult eyes only, as there are some references to marijuana (it didn’t detract from the movie at all, I just didn’t want anyone to be blindsided). 

Are you ready to win this awesome combo pack for your next date night? I’m giving a copy of «The Happy Poet» and an apron with the infamous eggless egg salad recipe on it provided by Cinema Libre to one super lucky reader. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post telling us what your favorite date night movie meal is. Do you like to stay at home and make up a romantic meal? Or do you prefer to go out? 

Easy, right? 

For additional entries to win, «like» Chubby Vegan Mom on Facebook and let me know on there what your date night go-to meal is! Share this contest with Facebook friends for another chance to win! And if that’s not enough opportunity to win, follow Chubby Vegan Mom on Twitter and share this contest for another entry! Woot!

A winner will be chosen at random on Friday, July 12.

Congratulations Amber Neal! You are the winner of the deluxe movie back from Cinema Libre! You’ll receive an email shortly with instructions on how to get your prize! Thanks to everyone that entered, stay tuned because we’re always giving fun stuff away here!

As always, please make sure to include an email address if it’s not already connected with your account! 

Take the legwork out of your next movie night!

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Have you tried Daiya’s new vegan cheese slices? Now you can!

In case you’ve been living under a cruelty-free rock for the last three months or so, you know the infamous vegan company Daiya recently debuted their latest collection of goodies. From pizza and cream cheese to the long-awaited cheese slices, the vegans in my area have long awaited these treats.

And finally, they’re here.

Actually, they’ve been here for about three weeks or so, but I wanted to put them to the test (aka consume mass amounts of them) before I committed to making them my next giveaway.

And guess what, they did not disappoint.

Two or three months ago I read a review from a fellow vegan who had a chance to taste test Daiya’s swiss, provolone and cheddar cheese slices at the natural foods expo. I was less than enthused to read her less than positive review of the new options.

Not to discredit that blogger, but either she ain’t eating what I am or Daiya did some serious recipe twisting.

Because I’m pretty sure I came up with any and every possible way to use those vegan provolone slices.

Between grilled cheeses, vegan breakfast sammiches and even good ole’ apple pie (did you know people put cheddar cheese on apple pie!?), my absolute favorite concoction we created in the Chubby Vegan household was our Daiya provolone toasted bruschetta. (We even reinvented the toppings using green onions, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers from our first-ever CSA box.

The problem with Daiya slices? Not everyone has had the opportunity (or availability) to try them.

That’s where I come in.

I’m going to ship (cold, freezer packs and all) one of each kind to a very (VERY) lucky winner. And not just that. Oh no no. I take my vegan cheese very serious. I’m going to throw every variety of vegan shred and vegan wedge Daiya has to offer. That’s close to $75 in products, ya’ll.

How do you win this gem?

It’s easy! For starters, live in the United States (sorry overseas friends, I don’t know how this travels long distances). Just become a fan of Chubby Vegan Mom on this blog, my Chubby Vegan Mom Twitter or my newly-created Chubby Vegan Mom Facebook page and tell me what fabulous cheesy delight you’ll be making if you win. It’s that simple! Feel free to do all of the above if you want more chances to enter!

And, just in case that’s not enough, feel free to share with all your friends that you’re entering this contest and they should too!

Already a fan of all three? Just leave a comment answering what cheesy deliciousness you’ll be cooking  up on any social media platform and share away!

A winner will be chosen by random on Friday, June 7. Please make sure to include an email address if it’s not already connected to your account. (You’d hate to win but not be able to be notified, am I right?)

Congrats to Heather, who is a fan on Facebook and Twitter! She will be making a  bacon, cheese and tomato sandwich with her winnings! I’ll be sending an email to you shortly to gather information.

Don’t worry, we’ve got another awesome giveaway just around the corner! Keep your eyes peeled to Facebook for the next announcement!

Let the cruelty-free, cheese-filled games begin!

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Let’s get this VeganMofo cooking with a giveaway

As if connecting with hundreds of other cruelty-free writers wasn’t already good enough, VeganMofo is basically Christmas for vegan bloggers with all the goodies others are giving away.

In case you’ve missed the first few days, I’m dedicating VeganMofo 2012 to all things cooked in the crock pot. I’ve started the first two days off with crack potato casserole and pumpkin pie oatmeal, and I’ve got a few more breakfast ideas in store, so don’t you worry.


In return for all the love you’ve shown my blog the last few days, I want to give you something. This something is going to have you showing your crock pot a little extra love too. 


I’ve got a serious, must-have vegan cookbook for your shelves friends. Not only is it all vegan, all the time, it’s all vegan, ALL in the crock pot. 

That’s right, readers. One of you will be lucky enough to win Kathy Hester’s book The Vegan Slow Cooker, completely scotch free. This book is perfect for beginning vegans to beginning crock pot users. And it includes special sections that let you know what recipes you can prepare the night before so they’ll be ready to go the next day. This is any procrastinator’s dream!

All YOU have to do is click that awesome little «follow» button at the top right of this blog and become a Chubby Vegan Mom member. You can do this using your Gmail, Yahoo, Aim or Twitter account. Once you become part of the clan, all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog letting me know what your favorite crock pot meal is of all time OR a recipe you’ve been dying to crock potize. 

Already a follower? (Thanks!) Then leave a comment answering the above question and you’ll be automatically entered to win! (Got to love the random number winner generators!)

Want more chances to win? Spread the word! Simply post this tweet for another chance to enter: This #Veganmofo, I want to #win ‘The #Vegan Slow Cooker’ from @Chubbyveganmom. You can too!

The winner will be announced Monday afternoon (when I kick off a week of slow cooker sides, soups and dips!). Please make sure to register an email with your account or leave it in your comment so I can notify the winner!

Don’t have a crock pot? Then I recommend you tune back to Chubby Vegan Mom at the end of the month for a really big, don’t-want-to-miss, kitchen appliance kind of giveaway.

Slow cook your way to a free Crock Pot! Don’t miss this giveaway!

With only two weeks left until VeganMofo 2012 comes to an end,  I decided now would be the absolute perfect time to introduce my last and biggest giveaway (trust me, you’re going to want as many chances to enter this as you can!)

In case you’re a stranger to my theme this year, it’s centered around slow cooking all the time! From your favorite breakfast foods to dips, dinners and desserts, we’re going to tackle all those pesky recipes that require your attention and turn them into the kind of think you can just throw into your Crock Pot and forget about for a few hours (as a work-from-home mom with a toddler and one on the way, being able to forget about dinner without burning down the house is a serious vacation for me).

Don’t have a slow cooker of your own? No problem!

To help you try out some of these super yummy recipes I’ve been testing out on my family, I’ve partnered with the generous makers of THE Crock Pot to give one lucky reader a voucher to pick out a Crock Pot brand slow cooker of their choosing (up to a $50 value) at a local store that sells kitchen appliances!

You read that right. We’re talking about a FREE Crock Pot.

Already have a slow cooker of your own? Maybe you’ve upgraded your family and now you need a bigger one or maybe you just want something fancier, I’m not judging. I’m just telling you that this is the kind of giveaway you don’t want to miss out on! Seriously, who can turn down a FREE kitchen appliance?

Wondering what $50 could get you? There are a plethora of options, from programmable Crock Pots to the big ole’ six-quart Cook ‘N’ Carry one we own. (It’s red, pictured above and oddly enough, was a Valentines Day gift FOR my husband!)

Ready to win? I thought so!

All YOU have to do is click that awesome little «follow» button at the top right of this blog and become a Chubby Vegan Mom member. You can do this using your Gmail, Yahoo, Aim or Twitter account. Once you become part of the clan, all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog letting me which recipe I’ve veganized that you want to try in your very own FREE crock pot!

Already a follower? (Thanks!) Then leave a comment answering the above question and you’ll be automatically entered to win! (Got to love the random number winner generators!)

Want more chances to win? Spread the word! Simply click the little «tweet» button located in the right corner of this post (make sure you’re on this individual post and not the Chubby Vegan Mom homepage) and tell everyone you just entered to win a free crock pot and they should too! You can do this once a day to increase your odds of winning! 

Winner will be chosen on Wednesday, October 31 (Happy Halloween!) by random and announced that night (we’re going to go out with a bang this VeganMofo!).

Well, what are you waiting for, enter to win already! 

And the VeganMofo winner is …

First off, tens of thousands of thanks to everyone that entered! Dessert is one of my favorite things to veganize, so it’s wonderful to see that so many others enjoy it too!

Enough with the blabbering.

The winner of a cookbook of their choosing is … 


VeggieJead tweeted and left a comment on the blog asking for «the Joy of Vegan Baking! I’m trying to transition to an egg free and dairy free diet, so I think this book would be a great jumping off point!»

Congratulations! I will email you shortly for details!

Again, thanks to everyone for entering and for sticking around with Chubby Vegan Mom this whole VeganMofo.

I promise to give away something uber fun next month too!

What do YOU want to win? Vote for next week’s giveaway!

We’re going out with a big ole’ VeganMofo bang here at Chubby Vegan Mom. To celebrate our week four theme (dessert!!!), to finish up this month of food on a positive note and to thank all of you who have recently become a fan of Chubby Vegan Mom, I’m going to give you what you want.

Is you cookie jar in need of some invading? Or perpaps your cupcakes aren’t quite ready to take over the world? Maybe your babycake is craving some babycakes? Whatever dessert book you’re hankering for you’re going to win.

There’s only a few exceptions: it has to be a vegan dessert book, it has to be shipped to the United States and it can’t be over $25 (I’ve got a child to feed, y’all). In the meantime, weigh in on my poll and see if you’re craving something everyone else is, too!

To enter, simply become a «follower» of Chubby Vegan Mom using the «follow» button in the right panel (it’s easy and you can do it using your Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter or Aim account) and leave a comment explaining why you want what you want!

Already a follower? No problem! Simply tweet the following: 
I want to win (Insert your desired book here) from Chubby Vegan Mom! You can win too:

A winner will be chosen at random on Monday, October 31.

What vegan sweets book do YOU crave?

Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World 

Vegan Cookies Invade your Cookie Jar 

Vegan Pie in the Sky 

Are You Sure That’s Vegan? Vegan Clones of your Fav Desserts 

The Joy of Vegan Baking 

Babycakes: Vegan, (Mostly) Gluten Free and (Mostly) Sugar Free 

Sinfully Vegan

Quick and Easy Vegan Bake Sale 


Do you like how I used y’all up there? I think it’s an incredibly underused word, personally.