Celebrating pumpkin awesomeness this Fab Five Friday

I’m not sure if fall is my favorite season because of the cooler temperatures, the ability to wear hoodies and your most comfortable pear of jeans, the pretty leaves or the pumpkin flavored everything.

From homemade pumpkin lattes and pumpkin pie oatmeal to pumpkin spice cinnamon buns and pumpkin macaroni and cheese, there has been no shortage of crazy delicious pumpkin recipes churning out of my kitchen.

Except, apparently, there has.

After perusing through fellow Veganmofoers’ blogs, I stumbled across two more pumpkin recipes that never even crossed my pumpkin-obsessed mind.

Over at Fo Reals Mom, she’s been busy professing her love to pumpkin goodies and fall weather as well. In addition to professing her love, she also was kind enough to provide a recipe for Pumpkin gnocchi with spicy  pepita pesto. Holy moly I can only say it certainly looks as good as it sounds. This might be one of those savory pumpkin recipes I just have to try for myself. Because seriously, can you ever go wrong with gnocchi?

And after I eat a heap of that pumpkin gnocchi, I figure it’s only fair to follow up dinner with a pumpkin dessert as well. I’m not going to lie, I don’t think I have yet to actually make a successful vegan rice crispy treat. I should probably divulge that it has less to do with them being vegan and more to do with my inability to follow a recipe. But TahiniToo’s Pumpkin Rice Crispy Treats just might be enough to persuade me into trying to make these sticky, but oh-so-delicious squares one more time.

Once I fall into a sugar coma, I’ll probably need some ridiculously tasty muffins to wake me up from it. Have I mentioned lately my addiction to muffins. They’re like the marriage of something sweet but something that «sounds» like it’s good for you. (Definitely note the quote marks). Kirsten’s Kitchen’s fruit explosion muffins are no exception to this rule. They look absolutely amazing. And with all that fruit jam-packed in (see what I did there?) how can they not be at least a little bit good for you?

After I drooled over all these pumpkin and fruit dishes, I stumbled across Colorado Vegan’s Freestyle Edamame Dip. My little girl Pearyn is basically obsessed with all things edamame, so I can hardly wait to try this out as a sandwich spread for her preschool lunches. Not to mention it wouldn’t hurt me to eat a few more green veggies/protein anyhow.

And since I included something remotely healthy in this round-up, I figured it would only be right to move onto a dessert again. Not only was I basically in love with the name of this blog, but the pictures of Veg*n Amuse Bouche’s Ponche Cupcakes left me with the urge to run out and buy all of the ingredients needed to make these. I’m not sure what Ponche means, but it has something to do with utterly delicious orange and cinnamon together, so it can’t be wrong.

With less than a week left of VeganMofo 2012, I can’t help but wonder what the rest of you have in store for the remaining days.

Tune in here for more crock pot recipes, I’ll be rounding out with dessert ones, not to mention I’ll be announcing the winner of my free crock pot giveaway!

Week three VeganMofo Fab Five Friday

Something incredibly odd happened this week.

While I perused through page after page of drool-worthy photos, I found myself craving more savory dishes than sweet! (Can we just go ahead and chalk that up to a pregnancy craving?)

I’m so blown away by what everyone is coming up with, half of the recipes I came by I had to do a double take because they didn’t even LOOK vegan!

So with two months left to carry around this growing child, apparently I’m going to need a lot of savory vegan food, who wants to come over and cook for me?

For starters, I think my husband would love me more if I made Baker Bettie’s Vegan Cheddar Ale Soup. I’m not even kidding about this folks. I seriously think he would award me the «Wife of the Year» award if I made this soup just ONCE. Between his love of ales and my love of cheddary soups, I’m pretty sure if I ever find myself in the dog house I can quickly get my exit if I whip up a batch of this stuff.

And if that’s not homey, curl up on the couch enough for you, then the vegan corn beef on rye at Inspired Vegan Eats will probably fit the bill. I seriously stared at this photo for at least five minutes trying to figure out how on earth it could be vegan. I thought I was in Heaven when I figured out how to make my own seitan, but I’m pretty sure that we’ll be making this recipe at least 1,000 times before St. Patricks Day even rolls around.

And just because I’m not completely devoid of ingesting something sugar-filled, I can’t help but mention the Jolly Fox’s Vegan Apple Sour Cream Pie. I’m not going to lie, I am pretty confident in my vegan apple pie. It’s the first pie I learned to truly make from scratch and I’m damn proud of the lattice crust I can whip up for it. But I have never, ever even thought about adding some sour cream to it for a different flavor profile, and now I can’t stop thinking about how much richer it will make it.

Now that we’ve tackled a fabulous compilation of comfort food, I challenge everyone to take a peek at North Vancouver Vegan’s Baked Vegan Schnitzel. Between the (genius) tahini batter to the crushed pretzel «breading» this vegan spin on a traditional German meal had my wishing I was sitting in her kitchen. Not to mention the awesome-looking asparagus with a really simple, but delicious looking cream sauce on top. Talk about a 30 minute taste of Europe!

The last dish that caught my eye this week was the allergy-friendly pesto from Mary Alice Nests (how cute is that name?). I have yet to actually try making my own pesto, although I know many a vegan swear by it, but I’m a sucker for a delicious basil-based sauce on top a bed of rotini. Um, yum. And I have a feeling I’ll be following her suggesting and trying this on a pizza as well, because it looks to good not to!

What were some of your favorites this week? I’m having a hard time coming to grips with the fact that VeganMofo2012 is more than halfway over.

Speaking of over, have you entered to win my super awesome free crock pot yet? Do it, do it!

Fab Five Friday … My Favorite VeganMofo Recipes

In case you missed it, last week I reinstated my Fab Five Fridays. What the heck is a Fab Five Friday? Other than being an awesome alliteration (which I adore), it’s basically my way of giving a shout out to some of the hard work that all you other vegans are doing.

The best part of October is when I’m stuck on a weekly meal plan, I hop on randomofo.com and peruse all the crazy delicious food ya’ll are coming up with. So far we’ve made caeser «chicken» wraps, potato kale pizza, broccoli cashew tofu and pancakes, all of which have been inspired by YOU!

One of the recipes I came across this week that I had to run out and buy ingredients for was coldandsleepy cooks’ Nutty Pumpkin Pie Dip! I’m not going to lie to you folks, the way to my stomach is through something sweet or something pumpkin-pie flavored, so when I saw this dip I had to have it myself. Using a blend of nuts, pure maple syrup and pumpkin puree, this is the kind of dip you serve with apples and tell yourself not to feel sleepy about? Best of all? This recipe is super kid approved, seeing as how coldandsleepy cooks’ little one loved this stuff and mine gobbled it up! Hurray for pumpkin AND protein!

Another recipe that caught my sweet tooth by storm was Vibrantlea Vegan’s Lemon Mousse Cake. Not only does the lemon cake look moist and spongey and perfect, the mousse on top looks both fluffy and weighty at the same time. How something can look heavy and delicious, yet airy I don’t know, but Vibrantlea achieves this. Not to mention the fact that this cake is made using almond meal and quinoa flour, which means it sounds so much more healthy (regardless if it actually is or not). I have a feeling this will be a hit at Coffee Saturdays with the women folk of my family.

Aside from letting my sweet tooth guide the way, I actually did come across two savory recipes I found myself virtually earmarking so that I could add them to our menu plan (when I’m not busy abusing my crock pot in the name of Veganmofo).

If you’re in need of a breakfast with some serious protein behind it, might I recommend Vegan Noms’ Tempeh Scramble and Savory Nooch Sauce. Made up of tempeh (one of my most favorite things in the world), peanut oil and kale, not to mention a plethora of veggies and a super helping of nooch sauce (shout out to nutritional yeast, it’s magic!), this is the kind of breakfast you eat so much of that you actually skip lunch. And if the recipe itself isn’t good enough, this blogger cooked it up in her Akron kitchen, let’s raise the roof for all us Ohio vegans! (I had to go there, ignore my terrible slang).

And when it comes time for dinner, I know I’ll be checking out the «heavy duty comfort food,» Not Beef Stew, Vedged Out is cooking up in their kitchen. As if it doesn’t sound delicious enough, scrolling through the photos you’ll see that it’s even served in a bread bowl. I can’t tell you the last time I had an amazingly yummy soup served in a bowl that I could eat. Call me lazy, but it’s been at least six years because I haven’t had it since going vegan. (Shock, AWE!) This not beef stew is going to change that, I promise you.

So because I can’t talk about dinner without thinking about dessert, I finish this second VeganMofo Fab Five Friday with some of bite me (I’m vegan’s) Lemon-Almond Blueberry Thumbprint Cookies. To be completely fair, it was almost impossible to choose only one recipe from bite me (I’m vegan’s) posts this week as the theme was «blueberry and lemon» flavors paired up. Fortunately for you all I’m very unskilled in the thumbprint cookie making department, so when I saw these nutty little, pop-in-your-mouth cookies I couldn’t resist including them in this round-up.

So while I may be just a little blogger myself, I figure dedicating VeganMofo Friday’s to some of the super things I’ve seen is like paying an homage to all the hard work we’re going through. Every week I feel like I’ve missed oodles of amazing recipes, so if there’s one you think is to die for leave a comment and I’ll make sure to stay tuned to that blog next week!

The First Fab Five Friday of VeganMofo 2012

This first week of VeganMofo 2012 has been a seriously stellar one.

From cupcakes galore to everything pumpkin-flavored under the sun, you, my fellow veganmofoers, have not let ANYONE down this week.

I spent hours on end scrolling through the various blogs, lusting after recipes and drooling over photos. If I’ve learned anything in my second VeganMofo, it’s that things really can get better with time.

Because I know how much darn effort I put into planning out my weekly meals (not to mention the amount of time it takes to take a photo of a dish of food 90 bajillion times to end up with just a mediocre shot, I figured I’d bring back my Fab Five Fridays from last year’s mofo to highlight the top five food posts I found myself obsessing over this week.

The very first dish I found myself excited over was the Whiny Vegans’ Potato Kale Pizza. It’s a simply beautiful slice of pizza and it combines two of my favorite things in this whole wide world: pizza and potatoes. Our two-year-old goes absolutely gaga over any green vegetable (particularly peas, we’re still trying to figure out where this comes from), so I’m pretty sure I could put kale on top of anything and she’d gobble it up. They step this recipe up a notch though and take it from pizza to something with a little more pizzazz … by adding a drizzle of fancy nut or truffle oil. I’m pretty much on board with all of the above.

The next recipe I stumbled upon was was VeganFling Caeser Salad Tofu Wraps. Not only did I find myself enamored with all the amazingly decadent photos that appeared on this blog, my 29-week-pregnant self hauled my butt to the grocery and bought the ingredients to make these bad boys on the giddy up. And let me tell you, not only are they as easy and delicious as they look, they were a serious hit with our little one and Chubby Vegan Dad alike. That’s what we call a win in my book.

And because I’ve got a really, really massive sweet tooth, it didn’t take long for me to stumble upon a cookie recipe that basically rocked my socks off, just by reading the TITLE. Leaves and Flours was not playing around during this first week, when she unleashed a vegan-adapted Caramel-Stuffed Apple Cider Cookie. This recipe calls for one of the most awesome fall ingredients of all — apple cider — and then leaves readers wanting to hop online and order the first batch of vegan caramels they can fine. You’ll be happy to know I’m heading out in search of some at my own health food store this weekend.

But because I can’t just have my cookies and eat them too, I found myself perusing through blogs in search of something savory, but not too complicated. I fell in love with Fried Dandelions’ Seitan Scallopini as soon as I saw the word «seitan,» but after viewing the photo and reading over the recipe I can’t wait to give this one a whirl. Between utilizing a homemade seitan recipe and indulging in some crimini mushrooms, I have a feeling I’m going to be dedicating our next date night to this recipe!

And because I haven’t stumbled across all the ingredients I need to make that caramel apple cider cookie, I found myself drawn to the super scrumptious, but doable recipes and amazing photos on Hell Yeah it’s Vegan’s website. I’m the kind of woman who will forever be in search of the most utterly perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe, and although there have been a few times I thought I might have nailed it on the head, seeing these photos made me realize I still have so much further to come in my cookie baking expertise.

I’m sure there are so, so, so many recipes I missed in this first week; I can hardly wait to see what my fellow bloggers come up with next week.

With so many delicious things to start working on already, I can’t help but wonder, what have been your favorite recipes so far?

Fab Five Friday: VeganMofo Week Three

Can you believe we’re already ending our third week of VeganMofo? Even though it’s demanded my attention a little more than I could handle at times, I can honestly say I’m going to be sad to see it end. Not only has it been amazing to expand and test my cooking abilities, I’ve gotten interested in so many new and exciting vegan blogs throughout the month of October (and hopefully a few of you have found mine!)

Speaking of new and exciting bloggers, this week’s Fab Five Friday will take a closer look at some of the kick-butt recipes VeganMofo has seen over the last few days.

Settle in and get ready to be seriously hungry, here are my fab five picks for this week (in no particular order): 

No. 1) Vegangela’s blog about homemade vegan cheese left me literally drooling. While her transition to a vegan diet may not have revolved around cheese, mine definitely did and still does, so I can’t wait to give this baked wheel a whirl. I need to get me some agar on the giddy up.

No. 2) Veggie Terrain’s chickpea salad sammies look like the perfect vessel to melt some of the prior-mentioned cheese on. Chickpea melts anyone? My husband and I have toyed around with chickpea spreads, but we haven’t seen the results Veggie Terrain did. Pair a quick and yummy recipe with stunning photos and you’ve got a seriously winning blog.

No. 3) The Tofu Cottage’s recipe for acorn squash risotto looks like the perfect dish for this dreary, chilly fall day we’re facing in Ohio. Not to mention I’m a complete sucker for risottos — who isn’t? They sound so grown up and fancy, but their ingredients are usually clean and delicious. Plus, who can resist a creamy full-of-fall-flavor dish?

No. 4) Just do yourself a HUGE favor and wander on over to the Fork and Bean blog. I can’t even pick between all the crazy amazing homemade vegan candies this woman is churning out. You can’t go wrong with any of the posts at Fork and Bean. This blog appeals to my curiosity in the vegan candy making process and my incredible sweet tooth.

No.5) Different Shades of Green is cooking up some pumpkin and black bean enchiladas. I’m a big fan of pumpkin in my desserts and baked goods, but I’ve been a little hesitant to incorporate them into my savory dishes. These enchiladas might just be the transition I need. And let’s just give her photography a little shout out, because I’m convinced she could make anything on a plate look good.

Think you have a recipe that I’m absolutely crazy not to try? Email me at Amanda@chubbyveganmom.com and you just might see your dish featured next Friday!

Don’t forget to tune into Week Four of VeganMofo here at Chubby Vegan Mom, we’ll be going out in style, with desserts and a super awesome giveaway! 

Fab Five Friday — the VeganMofo edition

I couldn’t sleep very well last night.

It could have been the thousand cups of coffee I’d had with my super yummy homemade pumpkin pie coffee syrup, but I think it was because I was conflicted about my Fab Five Friday posts during VeganMofo. I’m already blogging like 435% more than I normally do, so was I really going to do TWO full-fledged Friday posts?

I’m dedicated to my blog routines, however, so I decided the best and fairest way to represent both Chubby Vegan Mom AND VeganMofo would be to marry the two posts. 

So for the month of October (aka the month of kick-ass vegan food), I’ve decided to dedicate my Fab Five Friday posts to some of the scrumptious and amazing things my fellow vegans are cooking up. Every Friday you’ll find me perusing the blogroll on VeganMofo and picking out some of the crazy delicious things I want to try. And then, I’ll highlight them here! 

Without further ado, here are my five picks (in no particular order) for the first week of VeganMofo:

No. 1) The Vegan Version’s recipe for Black bean and corn pie. This is something that I need to eat, like now. It started out as a hodge podge of treats from the garden and ended up a super savory pie! Dinner pies totally appeal to this Chubby Vegan Mom, mainly because I’m lazy and it allows me to throw our protein, grains and veggies all into one tasty circle!

No. 2) A,B,C Vegan’s recipe for veganizing a pecan pie. I know, you’re thinking «But Chubby Vegan Mom, it’s just a pecan pie, what’s so special about that?» I’ll tell you what I find so miraculous and special about a pecan pie. It’s basically the one dessert I refuse to make. A few years ago I was determined to make one as delicious as my aunt and sister-in-law’s nonvegan versions were and I failed. We’re talking super, mondo, EPIC failure. Since then I’ve reserved my pecans for muffins and nonsugar-goo based pies. So seeing this pie reminds me of what all my terrible veganed out pecan pies could have been.

No. 3) The Tofu Princess’ homemade recipe for Baingan Bharta has me ready to whip up a batch of naan and call it a night. I’ve been incredibly scared to make Indian food from scratch (except for the naan), mainly because it’s full of curries I can’t make taste right and spices I don’t know how to use. But this recipe is far more intriguing than scary … although, it could just be the «baingan» photos she has to go with it, ha, I’m hilarious.

No. 4) Down Home Vegan’s recipe for Not chicken enchilada soup makes me crave a chilly fall night and a vegan churro (anyone got a recipe for one of those?). Or maybe I just need to get some Mexican food in me ASAP, who knows. But I’ve been wanting to try this «reconstructed» enchilada turned soup for a long time, and Down Home Vegan does an excellent job of detailing exactly how I should go about doing that.

No. 5) While Little House on the Vegan Prairie has a ton of recipes that I’m drooling over, I couldn’t resist the chance to recognize the peanut butter pumpkin dog treats she wrote about yesterday. Not only do they include pumpkin and peanut butter (some of my favorite fall flavors), but they celebrate a very large put of our veganism — the animals. Why not show our companion animals a little love this VeganMofo and cook them up a batch of Little House on the Vegan Prairie’s dog treats?

Think you have a recipe that I’m absolutely crazy not to try? Email me at Amanda@chubbyveganmom.com and you just might see your dish featured next Friday! 

Fab Five Friday: the second VeganMofo edition

Despite my measly three recipes this week for VeganMofo lunch, I’m still taking VeganMofo very seriously. (In case you didn’t know, the Chubby Vegan Clan packed their bags and headed south to Hilton Head for a week-long vacation). So the fact that I was able to cook up THREE homemade vegan meals while being 700 miles away from my kitchen says a lot.

That, and on my last day in Hilton Head I’ve devoted nearly two hours to scouring other VeganMofo bloggers looking for this week’s Fab Five Friday recipes. (All while I should be packing. I was about two seconds away from hauling my laptop to the beach, but decided I’d probably end up with sand in the keyboard and crabs in the motherboard).  

So without further ado, here are my picks (in no particular order) for this week’s Fab Five VeganMofo Friday. And thanks again to all you VeganMofoers for making it so difficult to pick!

No. 1: Veggie Converter’s recipe for bacon cheeseburger soup. Um, can we say holy yummy? It doesn’t matter that I’m in 80-degree, sunny, beach weather, Veggie Converter just took two of my favorite things and made them ridiculous easy to eat: bacon and cheeseburgers, in liquid form. And mad, mad bonus points to Veggie Converter for using a lentil-rice blend as the «burger» meat. You rock!

No. 2: Growing up Veg’s recipe for vegan spaghettios. Are you kidding me? For the last four years my husband and I have (lazily) sought already-made, straight-from-a-can, reminiscent-of-our-childhood vegan spaghettios, without success. And while I knew it was probably pretty easy and quick to make our own batch, I never really went to the trouble of doing it (I have a bad habit of mixing up tomato paste and tomatoe puree). Growing up Veg took all the guesswork out for me (thank you), so now my daughter won’t be deprived of a traditional childhood meal. 

No. 3: Operation Veggie’s veganized spinach and pepperjack hot pockets. Who doesn’t like spinach and pepperjack cheese all wrapped up in a flaky, crust of deliciousness? Crazy people, that’s who. And I’m not crazy, so you better believe this Chubby Vegan Clan is going to be testing out a few delicious hot pocket recipes of our own. Maybe you’ll even be lucky enough to see a few next week, when I take on dinners for VeganMofo. 

No. 4: Awkward Vegans’ recipe for tempeh chili. Apparently, I’m craving some serious soupage for my chilly departure from the beach (well, that might make sense, except I think it’s actually been hotter in our Ohio hometown than our beachy getaway). The Chubby Vegan Clan seriously digs chili, but I have yet to ever make a tempeh version (which is silly, because I love me some tempeh)! I think I have some smokey barbecue and maple tempeh calling my name for this recipe. 

No. 5: My Fab Five VeganMofo Friday wouldn’t be complete without a dessert and Bite me (I’m Vegan)’s Caramel Coffee Cake seriously fits the bill. In fact, Bite me (I’m Vegan) had me at hello (or caramel, whichever). This cake looks moist, fluffy and covered in just the right amount of caramel. But let’s be honest, can you ever go wrong when you pour caramel all over something? 

Think you have a recipe that I’m absolutely insane not to try (or feature!)? Email me at amanda@chubbyveganmom.com and you just might see your dish featured next Friday! 

Fab Five Friday … the LAST VeganMofo

Well folks, it’s been real.

It’s been fun.

It’s been real fun. (I know that’s totally overused and cliche, but I’m in an overused and cliche sort of mood!)

We are literally just days away from the end of VeganMofo 2011 (I know I’m sad, who’s with me?), which means we’re also concluding our special VeganMofo edition of Fab Five Friday.

On a serious note, I’d like to just throw a huge thank you out to all the new followers who have taken an interest in this Chubby Vegan Mom and an even bigger one to all my fellow vegans who participated in VeganMofo. It’s so flipping wonderful and inspiring to read about all the positive things other vegans are doing all around the world. So give yourself a pat on the back because we kick ass. All of us.

And now, without further ado, I present the conclusion of VeganMofo Fab Five Fridays!

No. 1) Barefoot and Frolicking presents us with a super yummy recipe for Apple flip flapjacks which use two of my favorite (and severely underused ingredients) — buckwheat flour and quinoa! Not only do these fluffy disks look absolutely delightful, but they’ve actually got some bulk (aka really good for you) ingredients to them! Besides, who wouldn’t benefit from a little extra buckwheat in their morning?

No. 2) Kohlrabi and Quince baited me with her love of tiny foods. Aren’t all things better in miniature form? She focused her post on mini coconut cream pies (and even noted that apparently vegan meringue is possible, who knew?), which had ridiculously flaky and delicious-looking crusts.

No. 3) Cookies for alligator dedicated a post to another one of my favorite vegan tricks, Black bean brownies, proving yet again that we vegans are absolutely amazing at hiding good-for-you ingredients into not-so-good-for-you desserts. But don’t worry folks, she doesn’t actually feed any cookies to any alligators.

No. 4) I’m basically a new stalker of the My Peanut Butter’s Tachy blog. She’s a med student and a vegan, which happens to be a pretty sweet combo if you ask me. If you surf her page you might find some posts on what being a med student is like (even a vegan one), in addition to some super yummy recipes she tests out eats! Her most recent food audit on Slow cooker pumpkin white bean lasagna still has me drooling.

No. 5) The Awesome. Vegan. Rad. blog is literally everything it claims. It’s awesome, vegan and rad at the same time. I couldn’t help but notice an even more awesome, vegan and rad recipe for Ripoff Curried Mango Tempeh Salad. And if the crazy yummy photos don’t do it for you, this chick’s reasoning for spicing food up is pretty concrete … «just because, duh.» I couldn’t agree more!

That’s it y’all.

Five Fabulous Friday things to do with a pumpkin!

With the summer temps taking a hike (for the last few days anyway) and the crisp, much cooler air wafting in through the open windows and doors, I’ve officially declared it «Fall» in my household.

You know what this means?

I spent nearly two-thirds of my day off yesterday baking all sorts of pumpkin goods. We also rang in the fall with an autumn-inspired quiche, unfortunately though, it didn’t have pumpkin in it.

So what better way to ring in my favorite holiday than to dedicate this Fab Five Friday to it’s official fruit — the pumpkin!

No. 1) Start your day off with a homemade pumpkin spice late (a vegan one, not that overpriced, condensed-milk-containing Starbucks version. Don’t have an espresso machine? Me either! Just follow this super quick and easy recipe to add a little fluff to your hot stuff!

No. 2) Make a craft. Whether you want to paint the pumpkin with your kids, carve it or halve it and make a cute flower-floating center piece out of it, just buy one and let your imagination flow! The options are endless. Make pumpkin soup and serve it in the pumpkin! Do a vegan fondue with pumpkin bread and serve it straight from the source. Have I mentioned what excellent bowls pumpkins make?

No. 3) Make these delicious cupcakes and top with some cream cheese glaze. Then, get artsy and decorate how you see fit! I preferred the Jackson Pollock route of just splotching some color on top of my cakes! Plus, your kids will be fighting over who gets to lick the beaters!

No. 4) Make these super delicious pumpkin cream cheese muffins with brown sugar and hazelnut streusel topping! Sure, that name may be a mouthful, but it’s totally worth it for a mouthful of these super sweet, super sugary, super fall treats.

No. 5) Roast the seeds. Are you a pumpkin-seed-roasting virgin? No worries! This snack is basically painless to make and really hits the spot when you’re in the mood for something crunch but not sure what. And you can always test out new «sauces» and «seasonings» to throw together. My favorite is the Asian-fusion roasted pumpkin seeds.

Just mix together 1 TBS of teriyaki sauce, 1 TBS of sesame oil,1 tsp wasabi powder and salt to taste. Preheat your oven to 375, clean and dry all the seeds from a medium to large sized pumpkin. Dress the seeds with the asian-esque sauce (make sure all the seeds are coated) and then spread out on an oiled baking sheet and bake for 30 minutes, «fluffling» the seeds halfway.

You can thank me for that little gem later.

Five Fabulous Friday things the T clan did this week!

This wasn’t an exceptionally special week.

It was just an ordinary, fall week spent around the house.

Sometimes it’s exactly what a family needs though. Time to defrazzle from the demands of life and time to enjoy each others company.

So when we have a lay-low weekend in the T household, we usually wind up doing these Five Fabulous things:

No. 1) We get a nice, relaxing start to the morning. Sure, we don’t necessarily snooze in any longer, but instead of starting the day of rush, rush, rushing, we like to give ourselves a little extra time to enjoy the beginning of the day. We eat a nice breakfast, drink our coffee more slowly and we enjoy each others company (or sometimes, The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse’s company). Didn’t you know? Pearyn’s favorite phrase now is «Mee Mouse,» which clearly means Mickey Mouse.

No. 2) We bake. OK, that’s a lie. I bake, Ryan eats what I bake and Pearyn makes a mess while I bake. When I want to hang around the house, I usually end up making some fluffy treat to enjoy while doing so. This week is was Pumpkin Whoopie Pies, did you get the chance to look at them yet, they’ll have you drooling …

No. 3) We have a family movie night. We get all snuggled up under blankets and we watch something that makes us all ooey and gooey on the inside. And then, when Pearyn goes to bed, mommy and daddy watches some kind of slasher movie to clear out that mushy-feeling from the movie before. Pear really gets into movie night, especially when it means hanging out in her sleeping-bag-esque couch.

No. 4) After bumming around the house for a few days, we do actually venture outside of our home. Whether it’s running errands or going to the park, we make it a point to get our butts in gear and at least get a few things done. This week we spent a few hours at a neighborhood park. Pearyn is really starting to enjoy the slides and swings, which makes it more enjoyable for mom and dad too. Have you been on a swing yourself in a while? I forgot how much it makes your stomach flip flop! I highly recommend it!

No. 5) We hang out with grandma and grandpa. Family is extremely important to me, so we’re frequent visitors with my parents, my aunts, my cousins, really anyone if we consider you family. We have coffee Saturdays with all the women folk and weened trips to my parent’s house. Needless to say, Pearyn’s favorite people on the planet might be grandma and grandpa (other than mommy and daddy of course).

All and all it was a phenomenal week … which is great because we’ve got an incredibly busy one ahead of us. I’ll be working longer hours and the husband will be away at a convention for work AND we’ll be packing for our one-week getaway in Hilton Head! (We’re not rich, Ry won something at work and we’re taking full advantage of it!)

This hand-holding phase never gets old <3