Vegan breakfast recipes

You know what they say, «breakfast is the most important meal of the day!» These recipes are a delicious way to start your day — not to mention they’re all cruelty-free. Show off your breakfast Betty Crocker side with one of these yummy morning treats! (Despite some of their names, all the recipes appearing below are vegan and free of animal ingredients!)

Vegan side dish recipes

When I’m not being lazy and making some sort of all-in-one vegan casserole, I like to whip up one of these sides to accompany our favorite bean burger! Each of these sides are sure to compliment any vegan dish you make, whether you’re a vegan or just looking for new ideas! (Despite some of their names, all of the following recipes are vegan and animal-ingredient free!)

Vegan appetizer recipes

There are few things I enjoy more than throwing parties, whether they be for birthdays, babies or sporting events. And no party is complete without a few fancy schmancy (or just plain delish, whatevs) appetizers. Each of these are cruelty-free, but guaranteed to «ohh» and «ahh» your guests. (Despite some of their names, the following recipes are all vegan and animal-ingredient free).

Vegan dessert recipes

One of the most common questions I receive when people find out I’m vegan is «OMG, how do you live without chocolate?» Well friends, the answer is simple. Vegan chocolate. And lots of cupcakes. And vegan caramel. And lots of cupcakes. And vegan white chocolate. And even more cupcakes. Trust me, I’ve got a sweet tooth to rival all others, and I assure you, these vegan dessert recipes are utterly decadent and completely cruelty free! (Despite their names, the following recipes are all completely vegan and animal-ingredient free!)