As the Chubby Vegan Mom herself, I feel it's more or less important to place a disclaimer on this blog.

I, myself, do not think I am actually "chubby." I am not that whiny, insecure girl looking for others to make me feel better about myself.

On good occasions, I consider myself average.

On less-than-awesome occasions, maybe a little bit "thick."

So then, why the name Chubby Vegan Mom, you ask?

Because unfortunately, most of us in the vegan community are stuck in a stereotype. We're depicted as soap-box standing, pushy, red-paint throwing individuals who will go to any lengths to get our points across.

And, some of us will. But still, some of us won't.

In addition to our supposedly "aggressive" nature, we have a reputation of being tatted up, alternative, teeny weeny, string bean people. And while I might be slightly tatted up and maybe a teensy bit alternative, I am in no way waif-like. In fact, I'm one of those rare and elusive "Chubby" vegans.

And, I happen to be a mom.

Hence, Chubby Vegan Mom.

My husband and I have chosen to introduce our compassionate lifestyle to our beautiful little girl, Pearyn and our darling little man, Braeburn. It is our hopes that the mere act of helping animals will drive them to continue this lifestyle once they can decide for themselves.

Stick around for our journey, it's guaranteed to have it's ups and downs, but I promise there will also be A LOT of cruelty-free cupcakes along the way.


  1. Please, pfft, I'm the epitome of a chubby vegan! Don't understand how people go vegan and lose weight. I eat way too good on a vegan diet. C'est la vie ;)