Give yourself a HighFive (Naturals!)

You probably know this about me, but I have an extreme love of cupcakes. I mean a super, over-the-top, try to translate every dessert under the sun into a cupcake kind of love.

However, I have been lacking one thing SERIOUSLY when it comes to baking.

Pot holders. Oven mits. Trivets, all that crazy stuff. I own those items, but I never really like them enough to keep them handy for when I'm actually baking. So I'm usually stuck grabbing a kitchen towel and pulling my baked goods out, meanwhile trying not to burn whatever part of my hand I accidentally didn't double up on the towel layers.

Yeah, I get it, it's my fault, but seriously, who really has enough space for pot holders to just be hanging around. Ain't nobody got time for that. And am I the only one who seems to find a way to burn myself with those, too?

So one lucky days I was sorting through some emails, when I came across a ridiculously timely one from the HighFive Naturals. They wanted to know if I would give their silicone cooking gloves a go! And since I've been busy burning myself in the kitchen, I figured, what the heck, it was worth a shot!

We've had these babies for two weeks now and I'm happy to report they have not been tossed aside or hidden in some drawer. In fact, they've been in our sink, on the oven, on the counter, basically any and everywhere my baked goods go. They've even traveled outside to help us grill some veggie burgers and a pizza!

Want to know another secret? I've used these to open a jar of pickles (because we all know that's basically impossible unless you're like, a man, or maybe they're just Chubby Vegan Mom, proof), rendering my husband ALMOST useless. ( I keep him around because he's pretty, not just because I can't open a jar by myself!)

So the details on these gloves? They're heat-resistant to 446 degrees, 10-fingers, super duper easy to clean (I just rinsed them off in the sink), sure-grip and odor and mildew resistant. We've used these to turn things in the oven, to pull steamy vegetable bags out of the microwave and to carry in that ridiculously scorching pizza pan from our grill.

Other suggestions for these can be easier handling for a campfire, in a smoker, a wood stove or even to handle those super frigid items before they give you frostbite!

I haven't tried these suggestions yet, but I can't wait to pop these on the next time we have a campfire. I'm always the first person to burn my hand on the vegan marshmallow stick holder, not to mention the fire pit thing itself, so I have a feeling these will come in handy.

These silicone gloves are eco-friendly, cruelty-free and a super bright, awesome orange color. You can snatch up your own pair at amazon for only $20, and if you decide you HAVE to have them right now, you can save 20% through August 14 by simpling entering the code "SGLOVES1" at checkout!

Stay tuned to my next blog for a recipe with my absolute favorite cupcake in the WHOLE world!

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  1. We've been looking for a good set of these, will have to check them out!