We've been pooping our pants, how bout you?

Warning: This blog contains spoilers uncensored stories of the stomach flu that just attacked my family. Continue at your own risk.

I had a lot of fabulous blog ideas lined up for this week. I really, really did.

But then we got sick.

Well, actually, they got sick.

It started last Monday with Braeburn tossing his cookies (and bananas, almond milk, farro and every other thing he ate). At first I thought maybe he wasn't sick, maybe he's just got a ridiculous amount of mucus in his body from teething, the hormonal weather of Ohio, those things. But then after multiple more up-chuck incidents, I knew we were dealing with a stomach bug.

The bad thing about the stomach bug, is that it absolutely loves company. And when the catalyst of said flu happens to be a 14-month-old kid that can't keep his kids off anything (including people), there's just no hope for your cause (short of lysoling your family's mouths).

I can't complain too much though, I seem to remain unscathed nearly two days after it ran its course, so there's that. But boy, I've figured out what's worse than having two sick kids. Having two healthy kids and two sick adults. That, my friends, is a recipe for disaster.

So Brae had his bug the longest. The first day, he probably slept for a good 18 hours, which some people probably think "hey, that's a vacation!" but it's really, really not. I spent all the extra hours he was sleeping googling whether or not I should let him sleep that long, what the signs of this and that was and when to start worrying (although, I clearly was doing enough of that). In my head I knew it was just a tummy flu, but I still feel like I have to run around like a complete nutcase for at least a few hours, just to earn my mommy badge.

While he was busy trying to get better, Pear was busy coming down with the stomach flu herself, a good 36 hours later. The rough thing about Pear is when she gets sick, there's no "seeing it coming." She's just hanging out there having a dandy time and then BAM: you've got vomit in your hands (better than the bed)! And as if this weren't messy enough, Brae's tummy bug had moved to the lower half of his body. So while we were cycling out trashcans and holding back hair for Pear Bear, we were elbow-deep in poo. Yep, good ole, run-of-the-mill, runny poo.

Then, just because two kids with uncontrollable bouts of tummy flu wasn't enough, my poor husband was stricken as well. And unfortunately, he seemed to get it the worst.

I ended up with a case of allergies and headache from the ever-changing Ohio weather, which, I'll gladly have any day over the stomach flu, but by the end of the week it was two sick adults trying to tame two recently healthy, bouncing-off-the-wall, children.

Now, thankfully, going into the new month and new week, we've healed. We're all in control of our bodily functions and somehow, we've even managed to catch up on the laundry (the washing of it, we haven't even bothered to think about folding it). Psh, who's got time to fold laundry?

So I appreciate you bearing with us and staying tuned. Now that it's just Braeburn pooping his pants I think we'll have a much better go at the blogging this week.

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  1. You and your family are in my prayers. Me and mine have been sick for the last three weeks, Not the stomach flu, but some other random upper respiratory thing that just will not go away. And yeah the Bumper recovered first which left a sick mama to care for a bouncing off the wall three year old.
    hugs -at - a- distance!

  2. Hope your family feels better soon. There seems to be so much floating around this winter!