Surrender your shelves to more spices

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a lovely woman on Facebook. Yeah, I'm actually on Facebook doing some fun stuff, you should check it out!

She asked if I could cruise on over to her website and check out the different selections of spices and blends she sold.

I get it. It's probably not something you think about much on a given day. I mean you've already got your salt and your pepper, what else do you need?

I used to be in this line of thinking. I'd just buy some random, cheap salt blend at the store and throw gallons of it on our food that night because that's how much it took to actually give some flavor.

So when I was asked to sample and review some of the products from Surrender Spices, I was giddy with anticipation. I got to select three and let me tell you something.

I am officially a spice snob. I will never go back to the cheapest, value brand spices again. I selected two blends: Louisiana Fat Tuesday Everyday and Tuscany Bread Seasoning, in addition to the Pink Himalayan Salt. (I know, you're thinking wow, you could pick three things and you picked a salt?)

I literally never imagined there could be such a difference in salts. The pink himalayan salt was a crisper, fresher flavor than your run-of-the-mill salt. Foods didn't taste "salty," they just tasted invigorated. We used it in place of salt in numerous recipes, but the standout was putting it on the homemade corned beef! It was the perfect subtle, smoky saltiness we wanted.

Next, we made an awesome, barbecued, roasted cauliflower and rubbed some of the Fat Tuesday blend on it. It had just the right hint of spicy, but not the kind of hot where you can't taste anything else. This was the kind of hot that made foods taste better, gave it more of a profile. And the cauliflower was the perfect canvas for it.

And instead of tossing our Tuscany spices into some oil and using as a dip for bread, we sprinkled it on some mushrooms we sauteed with butter. This blend was a step up from the usual Italian one, and made a great addition to veggies and probably would be just as excellent in the oil as the bread dip.

Surrender Spices are vegan, except for one sweet offering they have, For the Love of Honey. A few have names which are designed to be added to a "meaty" dish, but we found them equally enjoyable on our substitutes. Each spice blend is 2 oz and has a list price of $5.

If you haven't opened up your shelves to a higher-degree of spices yet, I highly suggest you give this kind a whirl. Your food will thank you.

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  1. Oh that fat tuesday blend sounds great. What a fun name!

  2. I learned the hard way, after years of buying junky spices! The better the spice the less you need, it's so true!

  3. I love shopping at East Indian and Asian markets for good spice finds.