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It's no secret that I'm a self-diagnosed sweets addict. When it comes to sugary deliciousness, I'm ALL over that. So when I got an email from a wonderfully pleasant person with Om Nom Nom cookies asking if I'd be interested in reviewing some of their baked goods, I squealed with delight (and then I replied calmly to the email and said 'yes, please').

I was lucky enough to receive a Mix-and-Match sampler pack, which contained six different cookies: orange-zested chocolate chip, chocolate chip, red velvet, spicy mexican snickerdoodle, cranberry walnut oatmeal and ultimate peanut butter. This sampler pack retails at $12 and let me tell you, these cookies were worth every penny of that and MORE.

For starters, each cookie had a different texture, which can be hard to come by in store-bought vegan cookies. The chocolate chips were both softer like you'd want them to be, the red velvet made me feel like I was taking a bite of red velvet cake, meanwhile the snickerdoodle was a little chewy (in the oh-so-perfect cookie way), just like a snickerdoodle should be.

And let me tell you (girl scout's honor here), I liked every.single.one of these cookies, something which is very hard to come by for me. I'm not normally a fan of cookies with funny nuts and fruits in them, but even the cranberry walnut oatmeal won me over. And I couldn't keep my daughter's hands off of these cookies, she wanted to open each one and try them all RIGHT away. Of course I obliged, because who am I to let a good cookie (or six) sit?

Each of these cookies were amazing, but every member of the Chubby Vegan Household had their favorite, and here's why.

My favorite was the orange-zested chocolate chip. Why? Because it was like a grown-up version of your go-to cookie from childhood. It had the right amount of orange zest so it wasn't overwhelming, but left a little surprise after you took a bite. After letting the other family members sample small pieces of this, I decided to reserve the majority of this cookie for ME.

Chubby Vegan Dad's favorite cookie was (surprise, surprise) the cranberry walnut oatmeal. He adores anything with fruit and nuts in it because it reminds him of these delicious little fruitcake loaves his sister used to make for him (one's that I've tried on many occasion to mimic, unsuccessfully). It was a little bit soft, had an awesome texture because of the oatmeal and just a hint of sweetness that reminded you it was a cookie.

 I should mention, the spicy mexican snickerdoodle was a very close second for both Chubby Vegan Dad and I, because it had the perfect hint of "spice" to change the pace of the cookie up a bit, but the awesome flavor of snickerdoodle you've come to know and love.

Pearyn's favorite was the peanut butter cookie. She's kind of an addict when it comes to anything with peanut butter in it, so the fact that this was put into cookie form with MORE sugar basically made it a ringer if you asked her.

And Braeburn didn't miss out on any of this cookie fun, either. His favorite was anything we fed him, as he willingly ate every single bite of every single cookie.

If you're looking to change up your cookie eating habits a bit and are tired of the same ole contenders, I really recommend you check out this awesome little company. Their cookies are all vegan, all the time, and they offer a gluten-free option for the chocolate chip cookie. I really can't rave about them enough!

If ya couldn't tell!

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  1. We got these when we were down in Florida and thought they were just as good as you said!