In 2014, I resolve to be more thankful

Sometimes my bark is worse than my bite.

Actually, most of the time, I just bark a lot. Don't get me wrong. I bite too, especially if the occasion calls for it, but ultimately, I'm the kind of person that likes to raise a fuss.

I can't help it really, I'm just super-duper opinionated and I was raised by an incredibly strong woman. Those two items translate to a blogger and wannabe feminist that can type really, really fast.

Generally after getting a good rantfest off my plate, I like to prove to all my fans and followers that I'm not a complete lunatic all the time. So while I let strangers' comments on my septum piercing get my panties in a twist yesterday, today I'm going to talk about the #100happydays project I'm currently participating in and why the hell I'm doing it.

In case you haven't already jumped on the happy bandwagon, let me give you the quick rundown on happy days. It's a super easy project that asks you to take one photo a day of something that makes you happy. It can be something as simple as your morning coffee (which judging by three of my photos makes me REALLY happy) or something more touching like your babies being adorable. Regardless of what it is, you just snap a quick pic of it and then post it on some social media channel with the hashtag #100happydays. It may sound way too simple to you, but in this ridiculously busy world we live in, sometimes you don't feel like you have the time to stop and "think" about being happy.

I'm the kind of person who has a tendency to look at the glass half empty; particularly if said glass has say green tea in it (blech) as opposed to a delicious iced coffee. So the happy days project appeals to me because it's NICE to be reminded each day of the small beauties and victories in our lives.

We can get so focused on the "big" picture that we forget about all the tiny shots that make it up. So far I'm 18 days deep and I've been happy for things like: my kiddos loving on each other, Braeburn crawling into a cabinet, my new DSLR camera I bought that I'd been DROOLING over and almond milk gelato (something ELSE I was drooling over).

Still curious what this Chubby Vegan Mom is happy about every day? Come follow me on Instagram, my social media network of choice when contributing to the project. You'll notice my user name is Amanda Onomatopoeia, which is basically my street name, don't be alarmed.

STILL need a reason to participate yourself?

Because it's fun. It's easy and it's super encouraging. When I'm starting to get down on myself because of a mistake at work (believe it or not I'm NOT perfect, gasp!), for losing my temper with the kids or maybe I'm just not focusing on all the things going RIGHT in my life, I like to peruse my instagram posts and look at all the different things that I've been blessed with in the last three weeks.

Is it corny? Maybe.

But has it made me more grateful? Certainly.

In addition to the happy days project, we've also started doing a family "jar." When something special happens (big or little) to our family that makes us happy, we write down what it is, date it and throw it in a jar. At the end of the year we plan on rehashing some of the awesome things we've been through with our friends and family. I want our kids to grow up knowing the small things really do count. I want them to know that in a world of depression, anxiety, boogeymans, monsters and bad guys, that these tiny, everyday, glimmering moments happen so frequently and ARE enough to get us by. There is enough good in the world if we keep looking for it. Hopefully this jar will serve as that reminder.

Are you taking part in the happiness project or do you have a way you stop and give thanks every day? Let us know and maybe we'll join in the fun too!


  1. Aw good for you guys! It's important to look for the good in stuff!

  2. It's always a good idea to enjoy what you have! It will make you happier in the end