VeganMoFo 2013: My first Fab Five Friday

Somewhere amidst all the menu planning, baking and eating required for VeganMoFo, we've got to find time to peruse each other's blogs. If we're too busy cooking up our own dishes for VeganMoFo then how the heck are we supposed to enjoy all the other awesome vegans out there?

So every Friday during VeganMoFo I like to turn my oven off and step away to admire and appreciate the hell out of all you fabulous fellow veggies. I like to call these my Fab Five Fridays, a blog post dedicated solely to five kick-ass dishes I saw during the week.

For starters, apparently I'm on a vegan seafood kick because I found myself drooling over Olives for Dinner's vegan scallops with pea puree and watercress multiple times this week. In fact, I was sitting at lunch with my husband and I actually looked up the original link I found on Twitter just so I could show him how amazing these faux scallops were. I then added it to my shopping list like ASAP because if mama wants vegan scallops, mama needs to have some vegan scallops.

And to keep the vegan seafood kick rolling, if you haven't seen Food and Yoga for Life's raw, vegan "salmon" nori rolls then you should probably just head on over there right now. I have always been a sushi lover, long before my vegan days, so being able to have a cruelty-free version of something I used to be literally addicted to is astounding.

And while the next dish isn't from the vegan sea, it is something I've never, ever heard of, but feel like I NEED to have it right away. The Jolly Fox tackled some Hawaiian delight known as a loco moco, which consists of rice, veggie burger and a fried vegan "egg." It doesn't matter that this "egg" is tofu-based and stacked on a veggie burger, this dish looks super duper rich ... and did I mention delicious?

I might not have seen an actual photo of the Illustrated Guide to Vegan Delight's sauerkraut soup you never know you wanted, the funny illustrations of a cartoon woman shoving sauerkraut into her mouth by the handfuls made me really, really want some soup. And it made me wish I was capable of creating funny drawings.

And because NO Fab Five Friday would be complete without some sort of amazing dessert. I may not be on the raw-food train just yet, but these chocolate peanut butter and jelly raw bars from Unrefined Vegan  might be enough to do the trick. Not only are they seriously yummy looking, they're easy peasy to put together and they're healthy. And let's be honest, how do you say no to peanut butter and chocolate:?

What amazing dishes have you seen this VeganMoFo? Think I missed one? Have something awesome planned? Make sure you let me know and I'll be sure to pay a visit next week!


  1. Hi Chubby Vegan Mom, I'm loving your theme this year, you have great taste in TV shows and food! Please could you tell me what is the link for the raw peanut butter and jelly bars, they sound scrumptious! All the best, Cupcake Girl xx

    1. I've added the link in the blog, but here it is as well. Guess I was so excited about them I forgot to include it! ;) http://anunrefinedvegan.com/2013/09/02/vegan-mofo-post-1-chocolate-peanut-butter-jelly-bars-for-two-mostly-raw-gluten-free/

  2. 1) Thank you for the link, and I'm glad the drawing of me mowing down on sauerkraut served its purpose! ;)

    2) I really like the idea of this post and wanted to let you know that it inspired me to take a break and see what other people are up to. It's very easy to get lost in making your own content and forget to stop and smell the roses. So thank you!