Win your next movie night: an all organic, mosty vegetarian comedy!

Now that we've got two children, date nights have become few and far between. It's not that our friends and family aren't lining up at our door to watch our perfectly well-behaved, angelic children (because I mean, that's what they are, in case YOU wanted to come watch them), it's really that we don't have the energy to do it.

Don't worry, we're "taking time for ourselves" and all that jazz, we're not the kid-obsessed parents you might be fearing (I mean, duh, have you read my blog?), we're just usually really terrible at planning things and wait until the last minute, for well, everything. 

So "date night" to us, has turned into, put on our least-scrubby looking jeans, favorite tops, flip flops and throw something in the oven while watching whatever new movie has been released. 

Close to a year ago we gave up cable for good. We said peace out to our $120 cable bill and now we pay $16 a month for Hulu Plus and Netflix. So when I got an email asking if I'd heard of the independent comedy "The Happy Poet," I of course perused my Netflix instant queue. And sure enough, this little gem was on it. Imagine my surprise excitement when I was then asked by Cinema Libre Studio to not only do a fun little write-up for the movie, but to actually host a giveaway? 

I'm telling you folks, it's a win-win this vegan thing. So on our last movie night, my husband and I settled in and watched "The Happy Poet" while we made a homemade vegan squash lasagna with kohlrabi ricotta! (Recipe will be posted this week!) 

This is a clever, sweet little movie. It's directed, written and starring Paul Gordon and it's a tale about a man who wants to do something more than sell hot dogs out of a cart. He wants to offer organic food, vegan food  - namely an eggless egg sald - at the right cost. I was taken all the way back to my honeymoon in Portland where we ate from a bijillion different food trucks for the first time ever! 

It's not just about hot dogs though, folks, this movie has a lot of heart and packs some laughs. The cast is down-to-earth, believable and you find yourself rooting for them throughout the movie. I will say it's more suitable for date night with adult eyes only, as there are some references to marijuana (it didn't detract from the movie at all, I just didn't want anyone to be blindsided). 

Are you ready to win this awesome combo pack for your next date night? I'm giving a copy of "The Happy Poet" and an apron with the infamous eggless egg salad recipe on it provided by Cinema Libre to one super lucky reader. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post telling us what your favorite date night movie meal is. Do you like to stay at home and make up a romantic meal? Or do you prefer to go out? 

Easy, right? 

For additional entries to win, "like" Chubby Vegan Mom on Facebook and let me know on there what your date night go-to meal is! Share this contest with Facebook friends for another chance to win! And if that's not enough opportunity to win, follow Chubby Vegan Mom on Twitter and share this contest for another entry! Woot!

A winner will be chosen at random on Friday, July 12.

Congratulations Amber Neal! You are the winner of the deluxe movie back from Cinema Libre! You'll receive an email shortly with instructions on how to get your prize! Thanks to everyone that entered, stay tuned because we're always giving fun stuff away here!

As always, please make sure to include an email address if it's not already connected with your account! 

Take the legwork out of your next movie night!

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  1. We always go out for movie night, probably because I'm not a very good cook yet! We prefer spaghetti with a chunky vegetable sauce and some really rich dessert! I've heard about this movie, excited for the chance to see it! [email protected]

  2. We make most of our food, just because we live in a really small town and don't have a lot of options! I like to do some grilled or roasted veggies with a pasta. There's something about skinny noodles and olive oil that makes it romantic! Thanks! [email protected]

  3. we go light on dinner so we can snack heavily during the movie. I love some popcorn and veggie gummy bears! [email protected]

  4. With 3 kids we stay in! Plus we like our food- not a lot of vegan food places around! There is just something nice about being in your comfy pants and fuzzy socks snuggled up to your spouse that makes me smile! We love to do a veggie lasagna and share a big fruit and veggie platter between us.Amber Neal [email protected]

  5. We usually do a date night matinee. As a broke graduate student, we use a coupon for $5 movie tickets Sunday afternoons and then go to one of our favorite local restaurants for their "Soul Food Sunday" menu. We always order the vegan bbq portobello sandwiches with sweet potato fries and vegan mac and cheese.

  6. We also have kids, so usually dates consist of a late dinner and renting a movie after the kids are in bed. I like comedies, he likes action, we both like sci-fi and documentaries. And I try to make something different to eat. Tomorrow we are trying the vegan ham seitan roast for dinner(thank you for that, by the way). We also enjoy portobello mushroom burgers and anything with homemade guacamole!! Thanks for the giveaway! ;) [email protected]

  7. Oh our favorite is ordering in pizza and gathering the whole family on the couch. We usually watch a "family" movie first, then once the kids fall asleep we can watch a mom and dad movie! [email protected]

  8. I follow you on your blog, twitter and facebook, but my google won't let me log in to your site today. We like to drill out as much as possible, so date night usually means tempeh or homemade veggie burgers on the grill with potatoes, mushrooms, corn and asparagus! We actually watched the happy poet on netflix, would love our own copy of it! [email protected]

  9. I already shared on Twitter, but our movie night food is usually a bunch of appetizers! Spinach artichoke dip, your cauliflower "wings" or something else small. If you eat a bunch of small foods all together they're not as bad, right? =) [email protected]

  10. I usually do some kind of baked dish, like enchilada casserole, lasagna or pizza casserole. It's easy, we always have leftovers and I get to enjoy the night with my husband! [email protected]

  11. Indian food! We always buy those premade indian food packets, get some naan and have an indian feast. It's a tradition for movie night! [email protected]

  12. Yay! How exciting!! I cant wait to do a date night now, and with all these good ideas above me its going to be easy! Thanks for a cool giveaway!