Vegan kohlrabi hasbrown skillet … and why it’s all the rage!

So the Chubby Vegan Clan has been enjoying CSA goods for the last two months now and it’s seriously awesome. Not only does Chubby Vegan Dad make the grossest smoothies in the world every morning with whatever hodge podge of vegetables and fruits we have available, it’s introduced us to a couple different things we’ve been missing out on at our grocery store.

For example, kohlrabi. It’s basically all the rage.

OK, it’s not, but it really should be. At first I wasn’t sure what the heck to do with it, so I googled it. And guess what, not a whole lot came up. Aside from grilling, roasting or throwing it in a soup, there wasn’t much to do with it. Not that you have to do something fancy with it, but, every now and then I like to change things up a bit.

So we decided it reminded us a little bit of a radish/turnip/potato hybrid, so naturally, we made hashbrowns with it.

It was a shot in the dark. It shredded similar to a potato, it just seemed to have a higher water content. So we tossed it in the skillet, threw some peppers and onions with it and topped it with Daiya cheddar cheese and fake bacon bits and it was delicious.

Oh my gosh, so delicious.

I highly recommend you pick up some of this crazy-looking veggie, it makes a ton, tastes better than a potato and has less carbs, more fiber and fewer calories. (Which means you can add the fake bacon bits and Daiya without the guilt!)

Kohlrabi hasbrowns
(serves 3-4)
2 large kohlrabi bulbs (cleaned, stems and greens removed, skins peeled off)
Frozen pepper blend (we used a 16 oz red, yellow, green and onion blend)
1/3 bag Daiya cheddar cheese
1/4 cup nutritional yeast
Salt and pepper to taste
Fake bacon bits to taste
Olive oil to coat the skillet

On medium heat, coat a skillet with olive oil (just enough to have a thin layer to keep things from sticking). Wash your kohlrabi bulbs, remove the stems, greens and skin. Shred the bulb and dab with paper towels (to help remove extra moisture). Toss in the skillet, add frozen pepper blend, nutritional yeast and salt and pepper to taste. Cook for 10-15 minutes, until you reach desired tenderness (we opted for longer). Stir in Daiya and top with fake bacon bits. Cook three-five more minutes.

Eat. A. Ton.

And be really, really thankful you gave kohlrabi a chance!

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Vegan kohlrabi hasbrown skillet … and why it’s all the rage!: 5 комментариев

  1. That sounds great! I bought kohlrabi from the farmer’s market recently and had no idea what to do with it. Years ago, I think I made it into a slaw, but this time, I’m ashamed to say, they sat in my fridge until the rotted. I’m definitely going to try your recipe — better than rotting!

  2. I’m telling you, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised! My husband sliced it into thin ribbons and cooked it with some mushrooms, bell peppers, pasta sauce and some Daiya mozz and loved it too. It’s SO versatile!

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