Have you tried Daiya's new vegan cheese slices? Now you can!

In case you've been living under a cruelty-free rock for the last three months or so, you know the infamous vegan company Daiya recently debuted their latest collection of goodies. From pizza and cream cheese to the long-awaited cheese slices, the vegans in my area have long awaited these treats.

And finally, they're here.

Actually, they've been here for about three weeks or so, but I wanted to put them to the test (aka consume mass amounts of them) before I committed to making them my next giveaway.

And guess what, they did not disappoint.

Two or three months ago I read a review from a fellow vegan who had a chance to taste test Daiya's swiss, provolone and cheddar cheese slices at the natural foods expo. I was less than enthused to read her less than positive review of the new options.

Not to discredit that blogger, but either she ain't eating what I am or Daiya did some serious recipe twisting.

Because I'm pretty sure I came up with any and every possible way to use those vegan provolone slices.

Between grilled cheeses, vegan breakfast sammiches and even good ole' apple pie (did you know people put cheddar cheese on apple pie!?), my absolute favorite concoction we created in the Chubby Vegan household was our Daiya provolone toasted bruschetta. (We even reinvented the toppings using green onions, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers from our first-ever CSA box.

The problem with Daiya slices? Not everyone has had the opportunity (or availability) to try them.

That's where I come in.

I'm going to ship (cold, freezer packs and all) one of each kind to a very (VERY) lucky winner. And not just that. Oh no no. I take my vegan cheese very serious. I'm going to throw every variety of vegan shred and vegan wedge Daiya has to offer. That's close to $75 in products, ya'll.

How do you win this gem?

It's easy! For starters, live in the United States (sorry overseas friends, I don't know how this travels long distances). Just become a fan of Chubby Vegan Mom on this blog, my Chubby Vegan Mom Twitter or my newly-created Chubby Vegan Mom Facebook page and tell me what fabulous cheesy delight you'll be making if you win. It's that simple! Feel free to do all of the above if you want more chances to enter!

And, just in case that's not enough, feel free to share with all your friends that you're entering this contest and they should too!

Already a fan of all three? Just leave a comment answering what cheesy deliciousness you'll be cooking  up on any social media platform and share away!

A winner will be chosen by random on Friday, June 7. Please make sure to include an email address if it's not already connected to your account. (You'd hate to win but not be able to be notified, am I right?)

Congrats to Heather, who is a fan on Facebook and Twitter! She will be making a  bacon, cheese and tomato sandwich with her winnings! I'll be sending an email to you shortly to gather information.

Don't worry, we've got another awesome giveaway just around the corner! Keep your eyes peeled to Facebook for the next announcement!

Let the cruelty-free, cheese-filled games begin!

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  1. I'm a fan of all three! I hate to be boring, but provolone used to be my favorite cheese to use for grilled cheese sandwiches. That's probably what I'd stick with, at least at first.

  2. I'd probably do a variation of Vegan Crack Potato Casserole. I haven't seen the slices, and can't find all the varieties of wedges. Love Daiya! Grilled 'bacon' & cheese with sliced tomatoes & vegenaise on rye. Mmmm...
    My stomach is growling. :D

  3. Mmm...I haven't had grilled cheese in years.

  4. I'd use provolone slices to top French onion soup.

  5. I haven't tried these yet, but grilled cheese would be #1 on my agenda.

  6. The first thing that popped into my mind is super simple - an apple sliced into eighths, with a sliver on cheese on top of each. Used to have this as a kid all the time, and I miss this simple snack!

  7. I am a fan in all 3 places. I would LOVE to make a grilled cheese. Sounds amazing!

  8. I follow all 3. :) And I would love to make an ooey-gooey grilled cheese with tomato soup. Classic.

  9. I'm a fan on all three sites.

    I think I'd probably make a melty soy-curl sandwich with the slices. Yum!

    With cheesy mashed potatoes on the side (made with shreds)

    and a slice of one of the wedges for dessert.


    I don't know if my email is attached to this account, so, I can be reached at [email protected]

  10. Definitely macaroni and cheese. We already have the wedges and shreds, add the slices and imagine how gooey itd be! I follow on facebook and twitter, but my email is [email protected]!

  11. I'm a fan :) I'm thinking a grilled provolone and apple sandwich.....yummy!!!

  12. What wouldn't I make? Cheese and apples are a snack I miss! I would also make pizza, nachos and grilled cheese. Oh, and mac and cheese--I have a fantastic recipe that I veganized and Daiya works perfectly in it :-) I couldn't figure out how to become a fan on the blog, but I did follow you on Google, I hope that counts!

  13. Just liked your facebook page! With slices I would definitely make an open-faced chickpea "tuna" melt.

  14. Just liked your FB page and followed you on Twitter. Hmm....what would I make? Something different that I haven't made in several years (well more than 10, when I became vegan) is a Swiss chik'n-type dish. I would like to try that with seitan or Gardein.

  15. I would make a BCT! Fakun bakun, Daiya cheddar cheese slice and tomato! I'm a Facebook fan and follower, but my phone won't let me log in! My email is [email protected]!

  16. I will be keeping some, but also sharing the bulk with a good friend who is dairy-free for nursing reasons. This brand has a great reputation!

  17. ARGH! I blinked and missed it!
    Kim :(