Do you like snacks? Who doesn't? Then this box of goodies is for you!

Every now and then someone fabulous emails me and showers me with vegan goodies.

It's a rough life blogging about veganism, parenting and pooping infants.

This month I had the opportunity (I should really say privilege) to receive devour and review the Vegan Cuts snack box!

Not hip to Vegan Cuts? It's essentially like the world's greatest thing for vegans, vegetarians or people who like delicious and healthy plant-based goods. Think Groupon meets anything your vegan heart could desire.

Anyway, in addition to some awesome deals, they offer a monthly delivery service for their snack box. The snack box is $19.95 per month with free shipping to the U.S. (but fear not worldwide friends, it's $8 extra to ship it to Canada and $15 worldwide). So basically, every month a box containing 7-10 kick-butt, vegan goodies will arrive on your doorstop. Not down with gluten? No problem! The company strives to make sure roughly 80% of the snacks included are gluten-free.

It's like the vegan snack fairy, for reals.

The best part? (Other than the delicious goodies of course). Not knowing what amazingness is going to show up at your house!

The snack box we received at the Chubby Vegan Household contained a plethora of awesome stuff, from sweet, to salty to olivey. Haha, no really!

My favorite thing was the tiniest, cutest jar of Milas Food's bruschetta blend. I dipped some carrots from our CSA in it and boy did it jazz those bad boys up.

Chubby Vegan Dad couldn't wait to get his hands on the 22 Days Protein Powder. It was a gluten-free drink mix that he added a banana to for a delicious chocolatey, peanut butter breakfast.

I also had to stop him from tearing into my 22 Days PB & Chocolate Chip Nirvana Bar, because it was that good (and for you!)

Our little girl was all about the sweet potato chips we got from Food Should Taste Good, and I really can't blame her because after we finished off that bag we actually bought a larger one at our health foods store!

Honestly though, the box was full of such great stuff it's hard to pick what the absolute best was. .

We had Meow Meow Tweet's lip balm in Rosemary Eucalyptus (see, it's not all food and games, it's vegan products too!), Oloves deli-style snackable olives with a mega-low calorie count, Teeccino Herbal Coffee Tea Bags and some Skinny Pop (guilt-free) popcorn! We were super pumped to find the Skinny Pop at our local Sam's Club, we got a bag big enough to bathe in.

And I can't forget about Chicago Vegan Foods Teese! It's another non-dairy cheese in the vegan market and I was thrilled to finally be able to try it (it's hard to find around these parts).

Not sure if the snack box is for you?

Quit guessing and just order one. You can cancel at anytime and seriously, it's hooked us on so many good products that we didn't even know were out there.

And if you won't do it for yourself, might I suggest you do it for someone else (or me, whatever, it was delicious)? It would make a superb gift for that picky vegan or healthy eater in your life that you have no idea what to purchase for.

It's the gift that keeps on giving, literally.

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  1. I love browsing that site but have never made a purchase yet. This might be my first one. I can't resist a good surprise!

  2. I love Vegan Cuts. They gave us a sampler box at Vida Vegan Con last weekend. I'm in love.