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When my husband and I first met, he had been vegan for almost five years already and I was barely a vegetarian. I still wanted to eat fish, I smothered everything in cheese and I didn’t want to know why my precious Ben and Jerry’s was morally wrong.

After six months of dating and one month of living together, I decided I wanted to do something special for my him. I perused the internet for recipes, something elaborate I could make him that was so good he wouldn’t even believe it was vegan.

And that’s when it happened. In addition to a plethora of amazing recipes, I came across hoards of statistics about all the suffering I was still contributing to by eating fish and consuming dairy.

I read facts about fish living in schools because they didn’t like being alone, some kinds even formed soul mates. And that while most people didn’t realize it, fish almost always died by suffocation as they were pulled from the ocean and then sometimes beaten with a club.

And dairy cows, dairy cows would sometimes wail for days for their babies that were taken away from them; calves that would go on to become more dairy cows or even worse, veal. I read about how they were artificially inseminated so frequently that it resulted in a shortened life span, nearly half of what it should be.

I went home from work that day after reading all those facts on my lunch break and decided that was it. I was either going to go full-on vegan; I was going to quit half-assing it. I emptied our cabinets of things like coffee cereal bars; I tossed ice cream and cheddar cheese from the fridge.

That was the day I decided to be vegan.

It’s not that simple for some people. Sometimes, it takes failing physical, mental and emotional health for people to realize we shouldn’t be spending our lives stuffing unnecessary cholesterol-ridden animal products into our bodies.

That’s what it took for Frank Ferrante, star of the documentary May I be Frank. He’s an overweight, unhappy and unhealthy man who stumbled into a raw vegan cafe in San Francisco on accident. After befriending three workers, they challenge him to try out a vegan lifestyle and reevaluate how he feels after transitioning.

Over the next 42 days, Ferrante undergoes so, so, so much change — not just physically (although his weight loss is impressive) — but emotionally, spiritually and mentally. A man who was once overweight, a junkie and living with hepC, opens himself to something new and ends up better from it in the end.

Now don’t mistake me, it’s not all butterflies and sunshine while he makes his big switch. There is a lot of pain, a lot of resistance, a lot of what we cope with everyday in society. It’s so easy in America to be making the wrong food choices that we hardly recognize the right ones when they’re directly under our noses! The documentary itself is incredibly raw, incredibly real and while it might not be as polished as some of the critically-acclaimed ones, it’s got so much heart and so much honesty.

After watching May I be Frank it makes it incredibly difficult for you to make excuses for your poor eating habits.

If Frank can do it, whether it be for 42 days or the rest of his life, what is your excuse for not eating better?

Are you ready to change your habits? I encourage anyone considering the raw or vegan lifestyle to consider getting your hands on May I be Frank.

Not sure where to get it? I’m going to make that easy on you. For the rest of April I’m going to be giving away two dvds of May I be Frank, courtesy of the amazing people at Cinema Libre Studio. In order to win, all you have to do is click that fabulous little follow button in the top right column and leave a comment on this post about why eating healthy is important to you or your family. Already a follower? Just leave a comment!

Want more ways to win? You got it!

I recently started a Facebook page for all things Chubby Vegan Mom! Because you want to win this DVD AND because you don’t want to miss any of the awesome crap I do on a daily basis, you can «like» my page and then leave a comment on it telling me why eating healthy is important to you or your family.

In addition to entering on the blog, you can share this status on your Twitter for another chance to win: I want to win an awesome #documentary from Chubby #Vegan #Mom, you can enter too! #contest #free http://chubbyveganmom.com/2013/04/who-doesnt-want-to-win-free-movie.html

The two winners will be chosen by random on Tuesday, April 30 ARE ANGIEPEE and LAUREN MARTINDALE! I will be contacting both of you shortly to get shipping information!! Congrats and stay tuned for another awesome giveaway in May (Daiya fans, you don’t want to miss this one!)

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  1. Eating Healthy has become a core part of our family life. We have a daughter who is allergic to all preservatives and it has taken us on one hell of a food journey. Thanks for the added inspiration!

  2. Growing up, my family always seemed to struggle with a variety of health issues. I’ve learned a lot from those experiences, and now as a vegan adult, the health of my family is very important. I am always looking out for more ways to share healthy ideas! Thanks!!

  3. Going vegan has done wonders for my family’s health. Besides seeing cholesterol and blood pressure levels plummet, it has been fun to rethink cooking and baking. Not only are we healthier people, eating has become even more fun. (And it feels good to live cruelty-free).

  4. Eating healthy was always built into me from childhood, but it wasn’t until my mother and aunt developed breast cancer within a few years of each other that i began to realize (by way of my mother’s research) that what i put in my body really does have a direct effect on my health. but there was still something holding me back, i think it was my love of cheese, haha. I am still transitioning into the lifestyle and after finding your blog I am much more encouraged than before. You make being vegan approachable and you don’t just highlight the good but also show the trials that come with it. Thank you and keep up the good work. On a side note having this documentary would help continue to shed the light to other members of my family that are not so convinced thank you again.

  5. I liked your page on FB, and being healthy is essential. I am mom to 4 kiddos and a grad student. I have to keep me and my family in tip top shape, plus I love the heck out of them so I want the best for them. 🙂

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