Cruelty-free Cadbury eggs, your Easter baskets thank me

Don't worry, this isn't another "woe is me" my child won't sleep or I'm fat post.

In fact, it's quite the opposite.

It's a "let's celebrate my unhealthy sweet tooth cravings" by unmasking the rare and elusive vegan cream-filled egg (like the Cadbury variety of your youth).

I attempted these last year and they came out absolutely AH-MAY-ZING (so amazing that it requires you to spell the word like that and say it REALLY loud). I'm telling you, once you finish up these little gems you're going to wonder why you never tried them sooner.

Seriously, go out to your local craft store and pick up a candy "egg" mold and then thank me for the wonderfulness I'm about to dish out.

Beware. I'm not saying these are healthy, I'm not saying these are good for you. I'm simply saying they're vegan and they taste like dancing chocolate elves in your mouth (or how I imagine those would taste).

Cruelty-free Cadbury Eggs
(makes around 12 eggs, give or take the size)
12 oz vegan chocolate chips (I enjoy the hell out of Enjoy Life)
3 cups powdered sugar
1/2 cup light corn syrup
1/4 cup vegan butter
1 tsp vanilla
Natural yellow food coloring (we're lucky enough to have a natural variety sold in the tiny market near our house, vegan and made from things like beets and tumeric)
Plastic candy egg mold (even one of the "lollipop" ones will do, just google it if you don't know what I"m talking about).

Melt your chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl (see, easy, you don't even have to screw with a double boiler!) Make sure to do it in short cycles so you don't burn the chocolate. Once melted, Spoon chocolate into egg mold and smear until it makes a nice layer (but still leaves room for the cream to go in). Once you've lined the egg shells pop them in the fridge to harden a bit and set up. (I bought cheap $1.99 egg molds and the chocolate still popped right out of them once it was set).

While your chocolate is setting, cream together corn syrup, butter and vanilla with a hand mixer. Stir in powdered sugar. Once you have a thick, but slightly runny mixture, take out about a third of the filling and put it in a smaller bowl. Add desired amount of food coloring to achieve yolky color (you can skip this if the traditional Cadbury egg look isn't your thing). Stir and place both of these mixtures into the fridge, about 15 minutes or so.

Take your chocolate egg shells and pop them out of the candy mold. Spoon cream mixture into an egg shell half and top with yolk mixture. Use a tiny bit of leftover melted chocolate to seal one egg shell half to the other. Smooth with finger. Store vegan chocolate eggs in the fridge until ready to be eaten.

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  1. Wowza! Good for you on recreating a classic, vegan-style.