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Week by week we’re seeing new improvements with Braeburn’s digestive issues, with his sleeping patterns and his mood swings (or lack thereof). Sure, for every two or three good days we have, we run into an absolutely disastrous 24 hours.

Yesterday was one of those days. We spent the afternoon at my parents house, Pear ran around tearing into all of my old toys (from a dollhouse to a puzzles), while Braeburn delighted everyone with his bloodcurdling shriek. And when I say delighted I mean that he drove four adults to the point of wanting to sit outside in the cold while he took over the house.

My mother actually hugged me and apologized and said that she would have dropped off a bottle of Jack Daniels had she known it was this bad. (She was partially kidding, but partially not, I imagine).

With that said, let’s get something clear here, though. I’m not being dramatic. I know babies cry. I know babies have issues. I know they’re helpless little creatures that can’t even itch their own little buts which is probably half the reason he’s crying, I don’t know. Maybe he just doesn’t like me and can’t express it, maybe he doesn’t like my hair, maybe he doesn’t like his, who knows.

But when you have a baby with these sorts of digestive issues with what all the pediatricians deem «colic,» there’s no such thing as normal.

So let’s leave the «babies cry, it’s normal» pep talks, gas drops and Harvey Karp’s «Five S’s» at the door, because they didn’t put a dent in whatever issues have been plaguing our little boy.

Here’s the thing about being a mother, you’re automatically part of this secret society; then when you’re a mother of a child with colic, that society becomes far more elusive. And we have to band together because until you’ve experienced a child with colic, you all think we’re just out of our minds. You think we’re just not as «patient» as others.

I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking how Baby B is doing, how we’re doing as a family and if we’ve found anything on this green Earth to help with his gas, cramps and all-around discomfort.

The answer is yes and no. We’ve been trying a number of treatments, but I can’t guarantee you that these are the reasons for his improvements. It could be some of this, some of that or it could just be that every day he gets older, his system matures and heals itself. Who knows.

For starters, we haven’t actually taken him to any witch doctors. Although, if someone said one of them had the cure, I can’t tell you that I wouldn’t jump on that bandwagon too. We have, however, been taking him to the chiropractor for weekly adjustments. Hello, he was 10lbs and 22 inches, how could he not be all sorts of kinked up after spending nine months cramped in my uterus?

Don’t get your panties in a bunch, though, we found a chiropractor that was certified in pediatrics, so there’s no crazy back-twisting or contorting going on. He ended up being out of alignment in three different spots, so we’ll be seeing her for the next six weeks to get him back in shape. And honestly, he sleeps SO well after one of his adjustments.

In addition, we’ve started him on probiotics. Because of his battle with thrush (or his body not being able to  battle it), the thought is that he has an overgrowth of the yeast bacteria in his belly. He’s had thrush off and on for the last three weeks almost, no medicine the doctor prescribed could even touch it. Between the probiotics (we found one that was free of all the common allergens, including dairy, AND highly recommended by a friend’s friend) and swabbing his mouth just ONCE with a solution of grapefruit seed extract and water, the thrush is so on it’s way out.


In addition to these things, we’ve been giving him baths at night (which he absolutely adores) and using one of those calming lotions on him. It’s basically normal lotion with chamomile and lavender, but he really enjoys getting the mini-massage.

In other news, Pearyn has started dressing herself. Which results in two different things: some really fashion-forward outfits AND her clothes strewn all over her room. Oh well, this is what we signed up for when we decided to convert her bedroom into the montessori-style and gave her little hands access to every last thing in her room. Needless to say she’s getting really good at organizing her clothing drawers!

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  1. We never had any luck with the gas drops either. We found that a heating pad worked wonders to help ours go to sleep, just on low for five minutes and they’d be out! (We’d put it on our chest and then lay them against us). Hugs, it WILL get better.

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