Fab Five Friday ... My Favorite VeganMofo Recipes

In case you missed it, last week I reinstated my Fab Five Fridays. What the heck is a Fab Five Friday? Other than being an awesome alliteration (which I adore), it's basically my way of giving a shout out to some of the hard work that all you other vegans are doing.

The best part of October is when I'm stuck on a weekly meal plan, I hop on randomofo.com and peruse all the crazy delicious food ya'll are coming up with. So far we've made caeser "chicken" wraps, potato kale pizza, broccoli cashew tofu and pancakes, all of which have been inspired by YOU!

One of the recipes I came across this week that I had to run out and buy ingredients for was coldandsleepy cooks' Nutty Pumpkin Pie Dip! I'm not going to lie to you folks, the way to my stomach is through something sweet or something pumpkin-pie flavored, so when I saw this dip I had to have it myself. Using a blend of nuts, pure maple syrup and pumpkin puree, this is the kind of dip you serve with apples and tell yourself not to feel sleepy about? Best of all? This recipe is super kid approved, seeing as how coldandsleepy cooks' little one loved this stuff and mine gobbled it up! Hurray for pumpkin AND protein!

Another recipe that caught my sweet tooth by storm was Vibrantlea Vegan's Lemon Mousse Cake. Not only does the lemon cake look moist and spongey and perfect, the mousse on top looks both fluffy and weighty at the same time. How something can look heavy and delicious, yet airy I don't know, but Vibrantlea achieves this. Not to mention the fact that this cake is made using almond meal and quinoa flour, which means it sounds so much more healthy (regardless if it actually is or not). I have a feeling this will be a hit at Coffee Saturdays with the women folk of my family.

Aside from letting my sweet tooth guide the way, I actually did come across two savory recipes I found myself virtually earmarking so that I could add them to our menu plan (when I'm not busy abusing my crock pot in the name of Veganmofo).

If you're in need of a breakfast with some serious protein behind it, might I recommend Vegan Noms' Tempeh Scramble and Savory Nooch Sauce. Made up of tempeh (one of my most favorite things in the world), peanut oil and kale, not to mention a plethora of veggies and a super helping of nooch sauce (shout out to nutritional yeast, it's magic!), this is the kind of breakfast you eat so much of that you actually skip lunch. And if the recipe itself isn't good enough, this blogger cooked it up in her Akron kitchen, let's raise the roof for all us Ohio vegans! (I had to go there, ignore my terrible slang).

And when it comes time for dinner, I know I'll be checking out the "heavy duty comfort food," Not Beef Stew, Vedged Out is cooking up in their kitchen. As if it doesn't sound delicious enough, scrolling through the photos you'll see that it's even served in a bread bowl. I can't tell you the last time I had an amazingly yummy soup served in a bowl that I could eat. Call me lazy, but it's been at least six years because I haven't had it since going vegan. (Shock, AWE!) This not beef stew is going to change that, I promise you.

So because I can't talk about dinner without thinking about dessert, I finish this second VeganMofo Fab Five Friday with some of bite me (I'm vegan's) Lemon-Almond Blueberry Thumbprint Cookies. To be completely fair, it was almost impossible to choose only one recipe from bite me (I'm vegan's) posts this week as the theme was "blueberry and lemon" flavors paired up. Fortunately for you all I'm very unskilled in the thumbprint cookie making department, so when I saw these nutty little, pop-in-your-mouth cookies I couldn't resist including them in this round-up.

So while I may be just a little blogger myself, I figure dedicating VeganMofo Friday's to some of the super things I've seen is like paying an homage to all the hard work we're going through. Every week I feel like I've missed oodles of amazing recipes, so if there's one you think is to die for leave a comment and I'll make sure to stay tuned to that blog next week!


  1. Aww, thanks for the kind words! I'm enjoying following your Mofo posts too; you've inspired me to brush the dust off my crock pot.

  2. WOW! So flattered! Thanks for including me in this awesome lineup!!! WOOHOO!

  3. I am loving all the awesome recipes during VeganMoFo, everyone is so clever :D