VeganMofo you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind

I’m a pretty firm believer that you should use the tune of «Oh Mickey you’re so fine» whenever possible. And with how excited I am to be taking part in my second VeganMofo, it only seems right to interject it into the most annoyingly awesome song in the world. (Oh, and for all the VeganMofo newbies out there, get ready for an entire October filled with vegan recipes, at least five days a week. Yeah, you’re going to be seeing a lot of me).

Last year my theme was pretty simple. Since I was just getting my toes wet I went ahead and covered breakfast one week, followed by lunch, dinner, sides and desserts. This year, however, I’m going to make it even easier on the rest of you.


This year has taken a little extra preparation, however, because while most of you will be putting brownies and cakes and delicious galore in your oven, I’ll be in my seventh month of cooking a bun in mine. Like a serious, literal, baby in the baby maker oven.

So to ease the amount of dirty dishes (and to keep my pregnancy brain in check), I’ll be devoting Chubby Vegan Mom VeganMofo 2012 to all things crock pot. From awesome soups, stews and bakes to a seriously delicious quinoa breakfast dish, I’m going to show you why your crock pot should be your best friend this fall and winter.

In addition to super hearty, yummy and easy slow cooker recipes, my Fab Five Friday’s will be making a valiant return so tune in to see if I’ve fallen madly in love with something you made over the week.

Stay tuned, we’ve got pumpkin pie oatmeal, buffalo chickpea stew, cheesy blonde hash brown casserole and quinoa pizza balls headed your way this VeganMofo.

Is there something you’re dying for me to slow cook this year? Leave me the dish on your wish list and you just might see it in the line-up.

Happy VeganMofoing!

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