Vegan Cream Cheese: Never Buy it Again

No, I’m not going to spoil anyone’s vegan cream cheese bubble by telling you it’s somehow not vegan.

I’m going to spoil your vegan cream cheese bubble by telling you how to make it yourself.

And once you make this super yummy cream cheese, you just won’t want to go back to buying it.

Trust me on this one.

Don’t be scared by the ingredients, while some of them may seem like they’re on the pricier side, they’re the type of things that can easily be used in other vegan recipes so buying them in bulk really cuts down the cost for you. Cashews are great to make your own vegan cheese or cream sauce and coconut oil lasts seemingly forever and is great in baking!

Vegan Cream Cheese (it’s as simple as that)
(Makes a seriously decent amount, probably two-three normal tub sizes)
1 1/2 cup raw cashews (soak them in water overnight to soften them)
1/2 cup water
2 TBS hummus (this adds a much-needed tang to the recipe, don’t skip out)
1/4 cup Healthy Top vegan whipped cream (I really dig the whipped-textured cream cheese, this could be omitted but I’d add about 1/4 cup of vanilla almond or soy milk)
1 TBS coconut oil
2 TBS lemon juice (also don’t skip this, adds a bit of zip)

Soak your raw cashews in a bowl overnight. In the morning, throw the cashews, water and coconut oil into a blender (I used my super Vitamix). Next, add in the hummus, whipped cream (this doesn’t have to be ‘whipped’ beforehand, just use it in its chunky block form) and lemon juice.
Refrigerate for at least one hour and stir before serving! Enjoy on anything from crackers to bagels!

The best part about this recipe is that it’s a blank canvas. There are a plethora of varieties you can make with it! The one in the picture above has 1/3 cup brown sugar and about 3 tsp of cinnamon added to it. I topped a pumpkin bagel with this mix and it was seriously, seriously heaven.

Vegan Cream Cheese: Never Buy it Again: 8 комментариев

  1. I never considered making my own because I figured it would be too expensive or not worth the effort, but I really miss my whipped cream cheese. Just might have to give this a shot!

  2. I am completely confused on the Hummus ingredient. What kind of hummus? Do you have a recipe for that or is there a particular brand to use? I usually make my own hummus and it is very high in garlic. Do you just mean pureed garbanzo beans with lemon and tahini? Do we really want garlic in this?

  3. Just plain hummus should suffice. We’re not hummus-brand exclusive, but there are a few that have just «classic» varieties that have no garlic at all. If you make your own I’d leave out the garlic, it’s really just to add a little bit of tangy to the ingredients.

  4. I have never heard of this before, but it’s possible. I’ve never had luck with getting it smooth unless it they were soaked longer than four hours!

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