Five things every pregnant woman needs

Just when I thought this pregnancy couldn’t get any more different than my first with Pearyn, I had to go and crave PANCAKES.

Aside from wanting tartar sauce on anything and everything (thank heavens for vegan mayo and sweet relish), I haven’t really been attacked by too many oddball cravings with this little guy. 

But lately, if anyone even mentions breakfast, pancakes or anything sweet and disc-like, I find myself in a giant puddle of drool, lusting after pancakes. 

Trust me, I’m not one to NOT give into cravings, I just never seem to crave them at the right time. Take Friday night for instance. I was responsible and brushed my teeth, flossed, mouthwashed, did the whole big shebang (a process that takes me a good 10 minutes at least at night now because I was born with utterly soft, terrible, easily decay-able teeth). I got into bed and perused Facebook one more time and sure enough, one of my friends had posted a funny e-card. Something along the lines of «All my friends are posting intense, political rants on Facebook, and I’m over here like ‘Hey, I made pancakes!'» 

Yup folks, that did it. That incredibly funny, little e-card set off the craving heard round the world. Had I not already brushed my teeth, there is no doubt in my mind that I would have gotten my butt out of bed and made myself some pancakes at 11 p.m. 

And then I started thinking, what other things are MUST-haves around the house for us pregnant folk? I don’t know about any other ladies, but this is my top five list of essential pregnancy foods.

No. 1: PANCAKE MIX. I don’t care if it’s a box of cheap, one dollar value pancake mix or some fancy buckwheat, organic blend, just have some sort of pancake mix in the house. Also, having the pancake fixings (like butter and syrup) or whatever else your heart desires, probably wouldn’t hurt. And if you have real, 100% (and probably $11) pure maple syrup, you get bonus points.

No. 2: CANNED PUMPKIN. I might be alone in this one, but I basically start craving pumpkin anything from the middle of August until early December. It doesn’t matter if I’m even pregnant, I want my pumpkin bread, cake, muffins, lattes, pies and ice cream just the same. Last night I wanted to experiment with making Three-ingredient pumpkin ice cream, but because I had no canned pumpkin in the house, this new recipe will have to wait until tomorrow now. 

No. 3: FROZEN MACARONI AND CHEESE. I think we all know I’m talking about the vegan Amy’s variety. If you haven’t given this bad boy a whirl, do yourself a favor and get some NOW. You’ll probably never eat anything again and you might gain 15 pounds, but it’s so good it’s basically worth it. (I’m the Chubby Vegan Mom, remember, not the healthy fit vegan mom).

No. 4: POTATOES. It doesn’t matter if they’re golden, Idaho, instant or french-fried, just make sure there is some sort of starchy deliciousness in your house at all times. I personally like to pair mine with barbecue or tarter sauce, or I’ll load up a microwave baked potato with some vegan sour cream and butter. At any rate, there are very few things more comforting than good old carbohydrates. 

No. 5: BABY CARROTS. Um hello, I’d keep an entire veggie tray with vegan ranch dip in my fridge if there was room. But alas, there is not, so my standby «healthy» snack is usually a bag of baby carrots and some ranch dip. In fact, this may or may not have just trumped my craving for pancakes now. 

I need to stop brushing my teeth so much.

What sorts of cravings have other moms experienced, if any? I have a feeling my little girl is going to be a big fan of corn on the cob and chocolate cake, I can’t say I blame her though! 

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  1. Hey, I’m so glad you came to my site! Chubby vegan moms need to stick together. 🙂 I’m with you on all that good food stuff — a girl after my own heart. But, I’ve never had Amy’s mac and cheese; I guess I better try some. With my first child, I craved Boca burgers with sliced pickles and tomatoes on top. No bun, just that stuff. I ate them all the time. With my second, I craved Diet Pepsi. We don’t drink soda now, but then I did, and my poor baby ingested way too much soda. I felt horrible about that, so with my son, I ignored any cravings I had and just ate healthy through that pregnancy. And congratulations!

  2. It’s interesting how personal food cravings are. I’m 19 weeks pregnant, and the main thing I’ve been craving lately is roasted broccoli & brussels sprouts (the mere smell of which made me sick during my 1st trimester). Also, chocolate, in any form. Though I’m not sure that’s necessarily pregnancy-related.

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