"May"day "May"day ... we're going down

Oy vey.

(OK, so I'm not Yiddish, but I'm pretty sure it's a derivative of a common German phrase and I am part German, so it's allowed). 

Seriously though, May = Oy vey. 

We've been so utterly busy I have been neglecting you all yet again.

I wish I could give you an incredibly long, detailed account of my whereabouts the last few weeks, or why I've mysteriously vanished, but alas, you're going to have to wait a little longer for that explanation. 

It's a good one, I promise. And you'll forgive me, I swear.

But for now, you're going to have to be distracted by all the distractions this Chubby Vegan Clan has faced over the last few weeks. 

For starters, Pearyn experienced her first non-womb baseball game! We're blessed to live in a city that has a super awesome minor league team, one that actually holds the sell-out record for pro sports (take that Portland Trail Blazers)! So when my dad passed along two of his season tickets as part of my birthday gift, I decided it was definitely time to test out the Pearyn-sporting even waters.

The good news? We made it through five FULL innings before we had to haul off with our rambunctious toddler. She did such an awesome job. She alternated between my lap and Chubby Vegan Dad's and the seats were stellar - just a few rows off of home plate, so she got an excellent view of all the pitching and hitting. None the less, her attention was usually focused on a random-passing bird, a piece of dust that kept floating in her eye sight or our neighbor's bag of popcorn. (Note to self, never leave the house without popcorn).

The ballpark brought up a few issues for us though. While we of course refrained from ballpark dogs, hamburgers and Dippin Dots, we were faced with the dilemma of cotton candy. It's a baseball game staple, the dye in it while not made from animals has been linked to be occasionally tested on animals, and there's always that pesky issue of where the hell the sugar came from. 
Considering these are all things people are ingesting on a daily basis, you'd think we'd do a better job tracking the origins down. At any rate, perhaps a perfect, vegan-police member wouldn't have partaken in the eating of said cotton candy, but this chubby vegan clan did. 

Feel free to shake your head or scold me all you want, if you want to consider me five percent less vegan then go ahead. I'm not going to lie. I'm not a perfect vegan. While I vehemently abstain from dairy and meat and all things animal oriented, I drink a soda every now and then, which probably has sugar from an unknown source in it, or a dye that could be linked to something somewhere, and admitting this probably makes me less perfect. Call me a poser if you want, whatever. 

I believe in living as cruelty-free as we can. If I had all the time and money in the world to buy natural, made on a leaf in some magic eco plant somewhere cane sugar and eat cotton candy that has food coloring made form hugs in it, I would.

But I can't, I'm one woman. I'm one woman (who's also a mother, wife, career woman, sister, daughter, friend, cousin, coach) who makes an average living and is trying to get by with what we can. The house I live in most likely contains paint that has something nonvegan in it, the people I rent from probably consume meat and the grocery store I shop in sells hoards of nonvegan products. 

I'm doing what I can, with what I have.

I'm sorry if that's makes me less vegan in your eyes. We made a decision as a compassionate family to let our daughter enjoy cotton candy at a baseball game. I'm going on good faith that our footprint is still light and cruelty-free lifestyle still in tact. 

We celebrated a wedding, one Pearyn was blessed to be the flower girl for, and the same one she unfortunately suffered through the stomach flu with. I can't tell you how many poopy diapers I changed in a matter of two days, not to mention walking into a reception with poop smeared ALL over my arm, not once, but twice. 

When I actually found remnants of it on my dress and shoe, I knew it was time to get the little flower girl and me home. Chubby Vegan Dad's rented tux was unfortunately in the line of fire as well, so needless to say, none of us ended up poo-free. Sigh. 

And our little darling girl turned two. It's impossible to believe. We celebrated with birthday cake for breakfast. I plan on giving a full rundown of birthday events once the party has passed, but we're not throwing the shindig until Memorial Day Sunday. 

My sweet little niece (who happens to share the same birthday as my daughter, simply 15 minutes apart), will be partaking in our double birthday bash as well. It's going to be a hot doggin time. That was me using corny Mickey Mouse language to describe our Mickey-themed party.

Other than that we're being pretty normal. I've been baking up lots of delicious breads I plan on posting soon (when my epidemic sleep wave is over), I've been balancing working from home and being a mommy and wife and I'll pick up softball lessons in June again. 

May has required a lot of rest. Chubby Vegan Dad is working his butt off and Pearyn is continuing to flourish and amaze us everyday. Her most recent accomplishments include describing all her food as "delicious" and singing "Five Little Monkeys" over and over again.

I think this is a long enough ramble, but with May halfway over, I can promise June will bring some super awesome announcements, new enhancements on the site, guest bloggers, and even a few vlogs if you behave. It's sure to be fabulous. And don't forget about some kick-ass giveaways I have in the works.

Bear with me. We're about to embark on a fabulous new journey if you want to ride it out with us. 

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