Just enough to get me out of bed

In case you're not up to date with life here at the Chubby Vegan Household, let me give you a quick rundown of events. Chubby Vegan Mom got a new awesome job. A new awesome job that's going to allow her to work from home full time, but also means she's got to get her butt out of bed A LOT earlier if she wants to have enough quality time with Chubby Vegan Dad and Pearyn the rest of the day.

(OK, enough with the third person already!)

So the gist of it is this; I've got two weeks (well, one now) to shape up and get my butt out of bed - not just because I have to (although I do) - but because I want to! I've always been secretly envious of all my friends who actually welcome the sun and not just groan at it like I do. Now, one week later and armed with loads of go-to-sleep and wake-the-heck-up tips, I'm slowly (SLOWLY) seeing some improvements in my attitude toward mornings.

Yesterday I touched base on what was working for me when it came to getting some shut eye, so today I'm going to clue you in on which wake-up tips have proven beneficial to me.

For starters, the whole scent thing might work when I'm turning over the covers, but when it comes to getting out of them I have yet to see any positive results. I will say however, that I've been adding a few squeezes of lemon juice to my water after I exercise and that seems to be providing a serious perk to my morning pep.

Through comments and emails I've learned that the snooze button is near and dear to many of your hearts. Well folks, it's time to break up with your snooze button, because it really is bad for your early morning mojo. In my sleep trial run, I've found the only day I've been dragging this week also happened to be the day I hit the snooze button, disregarded my "wake up" curfew (and got too much sleep) and didn't exercise. I also spent the rest of the day making poor choices when it came to snacks and dessert. I can't prove that all of this is connected, but after four days of following a pretty simple morning routine the only thing that changed was my wake up time (or lack of one).

Waking up earlier in 20-minute increments has proven pretty successful, mainly because I'm getting the rest I need the night before. The best part? I have yet to have the terrible headache and grouchiness that is associated with trying to change your wake-up time!

And how about that tip regarding where you place your phone? Well, it's been really, really successful. In fact, I think it might be the only thing that has stopped me from crawling back into my bed and snoozing under the covers for another two hours. I can't recommend this strategy enough - particularly in the winter. If you set your phone up far enough away, you have to figure you're already cold, so why not just stay awake then? Seriously. It's kept me awake four out of five mornings.

Have I mentioned that you should be moving too? I know, what a bummer. I cannot stress enough how important getting up and getting your butt in gear is for enjoying the rest of your day (and having the energy to)! Just a brief 20 minute walk or 30 minute workout is enough to get your blood flowing and your mind perked up. I've been doing a combination of yoga and aerobics for four mornings and have seen seriously positive results. Not only does it give my body and mind a boost I need in those wee morning hours, it actually keeps me going a little longer the rest of the day.

You don't have to run marathons, just 20-30 minutes of some physical activity will do and can you really argue with physical activity? It's good for you!

And while I've been struggling to shove something in my face this early in the day (and I'm the Chubby Vegan Mom herself!), try to nibble on something - a piece of fruit, a cereal bar, some oatmeal - just get something semi-healthy into your body to fuel it. And no, coffee DOESN'T count.

A gift from the Valentine's Day (and Mother's Day AND Father's Day) Fair just arrived this afternoon. It's going to be providing this Chubby Vegan household with A LOT of healthy breakfasts, snacks and sometimes even dinner (yup, this bad boy cooks soup!) Seriously though, the Vitamix is not a purchase for the light-hearted. It is not your everyday blender and it  REALLY doesn't cost what your everyday blender does, so enter this relationship wisely. We got it for a steal and since I blend so much already, we figured we could finally consider ourselves real, live vegans AND adults now that we own one. Tune into a blog later this month to find out exactly what we think of our Vitamix!

Now, back to where I was ... waking up! The last thing I've really found helpful when trying to wake up on the the right side of the bed would have to be "rewarding" myself. Now that I'm missing out on some serious me time by going to bed so early, I've been "rewarding" my early morning routine and workouts with an episode of whatever pitiful teenage tv drama I DVR'd the night before. It sounds silly, but it gives me something to look forward to in the morning. It's a lot easier to get out of bed and get my workout done when I know that McDreamy, McSteamy and all the hot McDoctors on "Grey's Anatomy" are waiting for me.

Have any of you been successful making the switch from nights to mornings or heck, even mornings to night? What things did you find helpful?


  1. How are you liking your Vitamix? We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ours! We use it at least twice a day! Worth the moola we shelled out for it!

  2. We are LOVING it! We were hesitant because of how expensive it is, but in the four days we've owned it we've used it probably 10 times already. We've done smoothies, soup, salad dressing and dessert! And honestly, our little one loves anything that comes out of it! I made my husband a carrot, spinach and pear smoothie the other day (skins and all!) and Pearyn drank more than half of it!

  3. I know, I was hesitant at first too! We bought it right before I was going to start making baby food. I convinced myself that it would make the whole process quicker so it was worth the money. And it was! It's the best invention ever! Did you get the dry container with it too? I make a lot nut butters with that one.

    Only thing I don't like is that it's so tall that it can't sit put together on our counter because of it's height. The upper cabinets are in the way.