2012 isn't playing very nice

Remember all that spiel I said yesterday about embracing 2012 starting today? Well, apparently I embraced it a little too tightly because it puked all over me - literally.

My usually healthy child has spent the first three days of 2012 with the flu. The poor thing has had a fever ranging from 101-103 (of course, only at night time), with a bout of projectile vomiting for two days. The worst part? She's only thrown up twice - in the morning - and she's seemingly fine throughout the day. But then the night falls and she's sprawled out on my chest fighting both a fever and the chills.

See? 2012 isn't playing very nice.

We've been alternating fever relievers round the clock to keep her temperature in check (as in check as it can be), but I feel utterly helpless. Are there any more holistic approaches (or hell, anything that gets results) that you mommas can recommend when fighting the flu bug?

Because she's been so utterly clingy the last two days, she's been snoozing in the big bed with mom and dad. I know, I know, terrible habit to break, but it's the only way we can stay sane, get rest and medicate her. This wouldn't be an issue if our little girl would use even a slightly average amount of space, but this simply isn't the case.

We're dealing with a serious bed hog here people. At 19 months old, our daughter manages to leave both my husband and I dangling off the edge of the bed, quite an accomplishment for her 25-lb frame.

So we end up with a maze of arms, legs and torsos, tangled in masses of covers, Mickey Mouse stuffed animals and other essentials our daughter just can't do without.

You seriously can't tell where one body begins and the other ends.

So I'll concede this time, 2012, you win.

This week, anyway.

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  1. Try to find some sambuccus or sambucol. Basically, it's black elderberry syrup. It was developed by a virologist, and reduce the time it takes to get over colds & flu. You might find some ossillococcinum by Boiron. It's homeopathic. Not sure about the age dosage. Both of these are sold at health food stores or even at CVS in my area. Feel better little one!