One MAJOR reason to get in your car and drive to Hilton Head, right now

I’m serious folks.

You need to drop whatever you’re doing, hop in your car, plane or bus, and get your fancy selves down to Hilton Head, South Carolina.

What’s the emergency you may ask?

It’s a vegan one.

An amazing vegan one, to be exact.

Robert Irvine, star of «Dinner Impossible» and «Restaurant Impossible» has an ultra cool, super trendy, crazy stylish restaurant in this peaceful beach town — Eat. (Yes, I want you to eat, but his restaurant is actually called ‘Eat’).

To the naked eye, there is nothing even remotely vegan on the menu. You’re surrounded by filet mignon, blackened grouper and cheesy mushroom crepes (not to mention bread pudding with Tabasco ice cream that could sway even a veteran vegan — no, we didn’t go against our vegan ways, so quit your judging), there isn’t a butter-free vegetable or plain pasta dish in sight.

Don’t get us wrong. We usually prefer hole-in-the-wall cafes to this type of dining experience. But there’s one really nice thing about ultra cool, super trendy, crazy stylish restaurants — they have ultra creative, super talented, crazy chefs that are often willing to think outside of the box for us outside-of-the-box eaters.

Case in point this ridiculously amazing Cilantro lime seared tofu on a bed of citrus pumpkin and potato dice.

I kid you not, this is hands down the BEST tofu dish I have ever had in my four years of veganism (because you know, I didn’t dare eat tofu before I went vegan). My only complaint was that I wanted more, like four dinners worth more, which really speaks to my gluttony and the chef’s mad tofu skills.

The even better part? There wasn’t one cube of tofu on the menu. This is something they just have «in case» a vegan or vegetarian with a hankering for tofu just strolls on in. On an island that has been nearly-nightmarish to find vegan fare, this famous chef-douting, fancy grassfed meat and organic cheese carrying restaurant kept tofu nearby «just in case.»

That gets like 40 thumbs up in my book.

One MAJOR reason to get in your car and drive to Hilton Head, right now: 2 комментария

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever met a restaurant that willing to accommodate. I don’t have money for plane tickets so I’ll just be jealous.

  2. It was amazing! The staff went above and beyond, from clarifying what we did/didn’t eat to assuring our food was prepared in a safe zone with safe tools! Could not have asked for a better experience! 🙂

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