Fab Five Friday — the VeganMofo edition

I couldn’t sleep very well last night.

It could have been the thousand cups of coffee I’d had with my super yummy homemade pumpkin pie coffee syrup, but I think it was because I was conflicted about my Fab Five Friday posts during VeganMofo. I’m already blogging like 435% more than I normally do, so was I really going to do TWO full-fledged Friday posts?

I’m dedicated to my blog routines, however, so I decided the best and fairest way to represent both Chubby Vegan Mom AND VeganMofo would be to marry the two posts. 

So for the month of October (aka the month of kick-ass vegan food), I’ve decided to dedicate my Fab Five Friday posts to some of the scrumptious and amazing things my fellow vegans are cooking up. Every Friday you’ll find me perusing the blogroll on VeganMofo and picking out some of the crazy delicious things I want to try. And then, I’ll highlight them here! 

Without further ado, here are my five picks (in no particular order) for the first week of VeganMofo:

No. 1) The Vegan Version’s recipe for Black bean and corn pie. This is something that I need to eat, like now. It started out as a hodge podge of treats from the garden and ended up a super savory pie! Dinner pies totally appeal to this Chubby Vegan Mom, mainly because I’m lazy and it allows me to throw our protein, grains and veggies all into one tasty circle!

No. 2) A,B,C Vegan’s recipe for veganizing a pecan pie. I know, you’re thinking «But Chubby Vegan Mom, it’s just a pecan pie, what’s so special about that?» I’ll tell you what I find so miraculous and special about a pecan pie. It’s basically the one dessert I refuse to make. A few years ago I was determined to make one as delicious as my aunt and sister-in-law’s nonvegan versions were and I failed. We’re talking super, mondo, EPIC failure. Since then I’ve reserved my pecans for muffins and nonsugar-goo based pies. So seeing this pie reminds me of what all my terrible veganed out pecan pies could have been.

No. 3) The Tofu Princess’ homemade recipe for Baingan Bharta has me ready to whip up a batch of naan and call it a night. I’ve been incredibly scared to make Indian food from scratch (except for the naan), mainly because it’s full of curries I can’t make taste right and spices I don’t know how to use. But this recipe is far more intriguing than scary … although, it could just be the «baingan» photos she has to go with it, ha, I’m hilarious.

No. 4) Down Home Vegan’s recipe for Not chicken enchilada soup makes me crave a chilly fall night and a vegan churro (anyone got a recipe for one of those?). Or maybe I just need to get some Mexican food in me ASAP, who knows. But I’ve been wanting to try this «reconstructed» enchilada turned soup for a long time, and Down Home Vegan does an excellent job of detailing exactly how I should go about doing that.

No. 5) While Little House on the Vegan Prairie has a ton of recipes that I’m drooling over, I couldn’t resist the chance to recognize the peanut butter pumpkin dog treats she wrote about yesterday. Not only do they include pumpkin and peanut butter (some of my favorite fall flavors), but they celebrate a very large put of our veganism — the animals. Why not show our companion animals a little love this VeganMofo and cook them up a batch of Little House on the Vegan Prairie’s dog treats?

Think you have a recipe that I’m absolutely crazy not to try? Email me at Amanda@chubbyveganmom.com and you just might see your dish featured next Friday! 

Fab Five Friday — the VeganMofo edition: 4 комментария

  1. Thank you so much for the mention! Jennifer @ Wayfare Foods made my recipe and she said it was super easy (whew!). I promise you’ll love it!

  2. Thanks so much for the mention! I would love to know what you think of the Black Bean and Corn pie if you try it. I loved it!

  3. Wow, thanks so much for the mention! To be fair, it’s the ppk recipe — but it is totally awesome. 🙂 You should give it a shot — I promise it’s just as delicious as the original. 🙂

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