Fab Five Friday … the LAST VeganMofo

Well folks, it’s been real.

It’s been fun.

It’s been real fun. (I know that’s totally overused and cliche, but I’m in an overused and cliche sort of mood!)

We are literally just days away from the end of VeganMofo 2011 (I know I’m sad, who’s with me?), which means we’re also concluding our special VeganMofo edition of Fab Five Friday.

On a serious note, I’d like to just throw a huge thank you out to all the new followers who have taken an interest in this Chubby Vegan Mom and an even bigger one to all my fellow vegans who participated in VeganMofo. It’s so flipping wonderful and inspiring to read about all the positive things other vegans are doing all around the world. So give yourself a pat on the back because we kick ass. All of us.

And now, without further ado, I present the conclusion of VeganMofo Fab Five Fridays!

No. 1) Barefoot and Frolicking presents us with a super yummy recipe for Apple flip flapjacks which use two of my favorite (and severely underused ingredients) — buckwheat flour and quinoa! Not only do these fluffy disks look absolutely delightful, but they’ve actually got some bulk (aka really good for you) ingredients to them! Besides, who wouldn’t benefit from a little extra buckwheat in their morning?

No. 2) Kohlrabi and Quince baited me with her love of tiny foods. Aren’t all things better in miniature form? She focused her post on mini coconut cream pies (and even noted that apparently vegan meringue is possible, who knew?), which had ridiculously flaky and delicious-looking crusts.

No. 3) Cookies for alligator dedicated a post to another one of my favorite vegan tricks, Black bean brownies, proving yet again that we vegans are absolutely amazing at hiding good-for-you ingredients into not-so-good-for-you desserts. But don’t worry folks, she doesn’t actually feed any cookies to any alligators.

No. 4) I’m basically a new stalker of the My Peanut Butter’s Tachy blog. She’s a med student and a vegan, which happens to be a pretty sweet combo if you ask me. If you surf her page you might find some posts on what being a med student is like (even a vegan one), in addition to some super yummy recipes she tests out eats! Her most recent food audit on Slow cooker pumpkin white bean lasagna still has me drooling.

No. 5) The Awesome. Vegan. Rad. blog is literally everything it claims. It’s awesome, vegan and rad at the same time. I couldn’t help but notice an even more awesome, vegan and rad recipe for Ripoff Curried Mango Tempeh Salad. And if the crazy yummy photos don’t do it for you, this chick’s reasoning for spicing food up is pretty concrete … «just because, duh.» I couldn’t agree more!

That’s it y’all.

Fab Five Friday … the LAST VeganMofo: 3 комментария

  1. Thank you for the mention!

    I shared the mini pies with a group of people at work at the beginning of the week, and they’re still talking about them!

  2. Woah, thanks for this. I would have totally missed those coconut cream pies otherwise and they look amazing! Boo, I’m gonna miss the MoFo!

  3. These all look super yummy! Thanks for rounding ’em up. I was slacking on reading this week, but now I’ve got good places to start!

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