Do YOU VeganMofo?

Hurray! It’s here! The most magical time of year! Time to get my cooking into gear! But never fear! My counter top is clear!

I’m going to stop rhyming now, because it’s not catchy, just lame.

It’s midnight, I have a small child that has been asleep for four hours and will undoubtedly rise far too early tomorrow morning, so why am I still up you might ask?

Because I’m dedicated … or crazy, whichever.

It’s October 1, which means it’s VeganMofo. Oh, you’re not in the cool, elusive community who knows what the heck VeganMofo is? It’s one entire month dedicated to none other than vegans, vegan food and vegans blogging about vegan food. It’s my first year participating and I’m a combination of abashed, anxious and ecstatic.

So what exactly are you in store for?

Lots and lots of Chubby Vegan Mom in the month of October. Probably more Chubby Vegan Mom than any one person can handle. But we’ll take it day by day and you just might find I’m not so bad after all.

What on Earth will I find to blog about for an entire month?

Well, not to spill the beans, but here’s a sneak peek!

Week One will focus on certified, country-fied (not fried, fied), Vegan breakfasts. We’re not talking about those flimsy pancakes fast food chains serve. We’re talking fluffy, pillowy pancakes and super savory sausage and gravy.

Week Two will focus on light lunches and snacks. Whether it’s throwing something yummy into a pita pocket or whipping up some macaroni salad, this Chubby Vegan Mom promises to provide you with a variety of simple lunch ideas and kid-friendly snacks. Lunch is an incredibly neglected meal at our house, so this will be the real challenge for me.

Week Three will feature — you guessed it — dinner, with some kick-butt appetizers to boot. Here in the Chubby Vegan Mom household, dinner is the one meal a day that we usually get to spend together. So we gather round the table (or have a living room floor picnic if the little one is being difficult) and nosh on some seriously scrumptious and seriously vegan food. You can be on the lookout for some yummy pizza ideas and maybe even a Not-BBQ seitan sandwich, the perfect dinner for friends, patios and a few cold beers.


Week Four will assure a strong VeganMofo finish, as it’ll be seven glorious days of vegan desserts. Death by chocolate desserts, extravagant cupcakes and maybe a pie here and there, and I promise you this week will not disappoint. Because honestly, everything really is fine in moderation and with regular exercise and lots of water. Always drink water.

As usual, the recipes that appear on Chubby Vegan Mom are all kid-tested, kid-approved and will have mom and dad licking their plates. They’re that good.

And be forewarned, excuses are not accepted. I am in no way, shape or form what one would consider a chef. So if it can be done by me (a self-declared Martha Stewart of baked goods, but more tv dinner in the kitchen) it can be done by you.

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  1. Aw thank you! I love the name of your blog! And I’m VERY particular about my apples too, my favorite is a Jonagold and just came into season a few weeks ago 🙂

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