Apparently my daughter is a 'trend'

According to the Huffington Post, my darling vegan daughter Pearyn is a trend.

Pear is going to start a cloth-diaper fashion trend next.
Oh, I feel so special and a tiny bit used.

They recently published an article detailing the latest craze to hit families, from celebutants to Average Joes. 

The vegan lifestyle, of course.

We're on our way to taking over the world, seeing as how we now make up a whopping one percent of the world's population now. (Insert cheers, high fives and fist bumps here).

All joking aside, the article was actually an interesting read. It tackled all those pesky questions like what pregnant vegans eat, crave and whether or not it's possible to raise a human being on a vegan diet.

FYI - we're vegans for crying out loud, not the tooth fairy - we're here, we're real, we exist and we can, have and will continue to thrive on a plant-based diet. And if you don't want to believe me, take a gander at the  ADA's stance on vegan diets during infancy and then get back with me. Still a hater? Go find some other blogger to bother, you know, one who hasn't heard the whole "People Eating Tasty Animals" bit before.

And speaking of cravings, I'm not going to even try to speak for every vegan pregnant lady. We're all different, we all crave and need different things throughout pregnancy and I'm not criticizing anyone who didn't stick to a strictly vegan diet during their pregnancy or ever followed one to begin with. In return, I'll ask that you don't bash me for not only adhering to my vegan pregnancy, but having a perfectly healthy and flourising one. Deal?

This Chubby Vegan Mom isn't here to argue about whether or not a diet including meat and dairy is healthy during pregnancy. Seeing as how there are a bajillion completely healthy, meat-eating adults out there, I'm going to venture to say that there is a healthy and responsible way to include meat and dairy in a diet. What this Chubby Vegan Mom IS here to argue about, is the fact that it's completely possible to raise a healthy, normal human being on a plant-based only diet.

I'm tired of getting an earful of crap when people find out I'm raising a vegan daughter. I'm tired of being told  I'm going to kill my child if I don't feed her chicken nuggets. I'm tired of getting death stares for giving my daughter almond milk and butter rather than cows milk. I'm tired of know-it-all parents telling me what's good for MY child. I'm tired of people accusing me of malnourishing, depriving and trying to kill my child. And most of all, I'm tired of questioning everything I put into Pearyn's mouth because everyone else does.

I am a mother. I carried this beautiful, amazing little person inside my body for almost 10 months. I have stretch marks, I got kicked in the ribs endlessly for three months, couldn't eat bread without getting heartburn, labored for 18 hours, got rows of stitches where no person should have to, dealt with a body that looked like it came from a crime scene for nearly two months, woke up every two hours and nursed said child with my own damn body. There isn't one area of my life - emotionally, physically - or my actual body, that this tiny creature hasn't ravaged in her arrival

Now, do you really think I went through all of that, an entire process that took nearly a year and a half, to just starve her once she got here?

Think again. I contemplate every last nutrient that enters my daughters body. I count calories (to make sure enough are coming from fats), pair fruits, veggies and grains to form complete proteins and monitor every little crumb that enters her body. And the worst part about all these psycho, mommy dearest, am I killing my child doubts? I'm not even doing this to appease myself, I'm doing it because so many people think it can't be done.

I'm tired of hearing it. I'm tired of letting the same people who feed their kids diets high in processed meats and sugary dairy drinks cloud my vision of raising a compassionate and cruelty-free family. Mainly, I'm tired of being told that "it's not possible to raise a healthy child on a vegan diet."

Still don't think I can do it?

Stick around, you might be surprised.

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