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There's no easing into this.

Something has been irking me for days, weeks even and I've just got to get it off my chest.

Fix your damn pets already, people.

I'm so over the poor excuses. "Well, it's mean." Actually, it's not mean. It helps lessen their aggression and can sometimes lower their anxiety as they won't feel the strong urge to compete with other same-sex animals in the home. Do you know what IS mean? Not spaying or neutering your animal and then trying to diaper the poor thing, make it live outside for it's entire spraying spell or letting it knock up some other completely irresponsible jackass' unfixed animal. (Yup, I went there).

And I'm even more annoyed with the "But I can't afford it" crap. Seriously? Do you know what you REALLY can't afford? That animal of yours having an entire litter and then your trying to pawn all of its babies off on your family members (or worse, the infamous 'free to good home' on Craigslist). There are a bajillion low cost spay/neuter clinics all over the United States, so if you can't come up with the cash for this then maybe you should forego getting a LIVING BEING that requires regular food, water and sometimes veterinary care.

And I'm not sure I should even go here, but if you're still really trying to "breed" your super awesome purebred dog you're just lame. With an average of four million animals being euthanized every year, I think you can shelf the "purebred" (aka need to earn a few thousand bucks) garbage and do us all a favor and fix your damn animals. Chances are we can find your "one of a kind" husky at thousands of shelters across the world. Thanks though.

In a perfect vegan world, we wouldn't need to spay and neuter animals because we wouldn't need to own them. But this isn't a perfect world, let alone a perfect vegan one, so that unfortunately can't be. So while we're trying to find a way to coexist in this mixed up world, spaying/neutering (while it can feel like we're infringing on the animals' rights) is one of the most vegan things we can do. (And don't you try to argue with me. Not spaying and letting a million animals be created to become strays or science experiments CERTAINLY isn't more vegan, so hush).

This rant has been brought to you by an Angry Chubby Vegan Mom. One-third more filling than the average skinny vegan mom.


  1. Your argument would sound more compelling if you weren't coming off so preachy and like you're better than everyone else. And excuse me, I like to eat my beef, chicken, pork, fish and dairy products. You can have your views but no one needs to live in a vegan only world. A perfect world will not exist unless we all end up brainwashed. If you want to live as a vegan and not eat cheese then that's fine, but we have a right to eat our sushi and fillet mignon without you preaching to us about how an animal died. Meat has more health benefits than risks when you eat in moderation, as with all things.

  2. That isn't at all what this post is about. I have known this writer for years, and I'm not vegan but not once have I felt she was preaching at me. Quite the opposite... even though our lifestyles differ, she has been nothing but respectful of my choices and I am respectful of hers. She has a right to her views, just like everyone else, and I for one am interested to read about life from the perspective of someone with beliefs and ways different from my own. I don't see this as preachy. By that logic, everyone that ever voices their opinion is being preachy. I see this, instead, as an opportunity for me to expand my own horizons, see the world in a new way, incorporate that view with my own and proceed a better person simply because I looked outside myself for a moment. Keep up the good work, vegan momma. I love what you are doing.

    With regard to this specific blog, I absolutely agree with what you are saying here. I am an advocate for spay/neuter and more people need to hear exactly this. Thank you for saying it in the way only you can!

  3. I appreciate your views Cami, but I kind of think people should infer what they're getting when they come to a blog entitled "Chubby Vegan Mom." What is funny, however, is that I don't believe I really discussed any meat, dairy or fish issues here at all. Did I sound preachy about my opinion on people spaying and neutering their pets? Sure, and I meant it to sound that way. Maybe if more people quit tip-toeing around their point then the issues would be addressed. As a vegan or not, I'm frankly tired of seeing companion animals die because people aren't responsible enough to 1) fix their pets or 2) keep their pets from breeding.

    And in fact, when I made comments regarding not wanting any flack about my choice to fix animals, it was actually toward people who wanted to argue that fixing or spaying an animal is "vegan."

    I think if you took the time to go through and read my blog, you'll find a number of posts that say exactly what you did, that I completely accept and comprehend that a diet including animal products can be done in a healthy and responsible way, it's just not for me due to ethical and health reasons. Your comment has actually proven one of my prior post's point about how as a vegan, I actually get attacked more than I attack.

    Do I voice MY opinion on MY blog, of course I do, it's "Chubby Vegan Mom." Do I stand on a soap box at the grocery store telling you that you can't get your sushi? NO, because then you would have no choice. You coming to Chubby Vegan Mom is you making a choice to hear out my opinion, not me making you.

  4. Wow... " Meat has more health benefits than risks when you eat in moderation, as with all things."

    Yea...you just keep believing that is all I'm gonna say.

    CVM I love you're blog!

  5. Sure, Becky. We'll also keep living our healthy existence eating meat as opposed to the sudden shock of switching because you want us to.

    Amanda had the right idea of keeping it civil. Maybe you should take a hint from her?

  6. This is what I'm taking from the post. You're tired of irresponsible people letting their unfixed animals run around, and mating. This is a huge problem where I'm at. We have stray cats that roam around, and that's fine... until cat owners decide not to fix their cats, and, well... you know what happens next. It's worse with dogs because, should the dog attack, the damage could be a lot worse.

    What Cami was upset about in the post is that she felt you were generalizing all breeders. Personally, I believe that you shouldn't breed just for purebred dogs, but for health and temperament. I also agree that people shouldn't feel bad about adopting from rescues and shelters. One of my best friends has a rescued dog, as does my brother. Aside from my brother's dog being very finicky of who he socializes with (the poor guy was abused before my brother rescued him), they are very sweet, loving animals, in some cases, more so than pet store animals. They're grateful to have a human companion that loves them (some of our rats are the same way). People have that stigma that shelters all all full of animals that have something wrong with them, and they really couldn't be more wrong.

    We've rescued two rats that people wouldn't have as pets, but use as feeders. One of them, Hermione, was a three pawed little girl who was loving and grateful, even when she got sick and sadly passed. Our other special rescue is Frank Sinatra, who has a cleft pallet. To this day, I don't know who is more grateful, us or them (any of the ratties, because they're all rescues). Even an abused animal is willing to show love to the right person, but those people need to be responsible as well, including breeders. And, yes, our rats are separated by gender and very happy.

  7. I will admit that I am not in any way familiar with rat raising and breeding. I will say however, with the amount of shelter animals being euthanized every year, I think we could stop breeding for 5 years and still have too many dogs. So in my opinion, the whole breeding thing just isn't cool, at least when it comes to cats and dogs, because well, I see so many of them.

    And I also recognize there are some very responsible breeders out there as well. But unfortunately, I think too many people treat breeding like easy money, throw two dogs together and then try to sell them off as quickly as possible and then knock the poor animal up again.

    And I have nothing at all against shelters, any companion animal we've ever had has been a rescue. My husband and I fostered and volunteered at a rescue in Cleveland for two years and I honestly think that is probably where most of my cynicism towards not fixing an animal comes from.

  8. Okay. So, as funny as it is, you two agree on the whole euthanasia shelter issue. Where most of her being offended seemed to have come from was just the anger that came off from the post, but after hearing the comment (she's building a grotto for the boys rats, right now), there's more understanding. She isn't angry about the issue, but so much the attitude she interpreted, especially with the vegan take on animal raising, i.e. "In a perfect vegan world, we wouldn't need to spay and neuter animals because we wouldn't need to own them." I do have to admit, that part confuses me a bit, if you wouldn't mind explaining.

    You're right about over breeding with any animal, especially when people think of breeding as easy money. A lot of animals can only have so many litters (rats can only have three litters healthily, but most breeders stop at two), or, such as dogs, need resting periods to avoid severe health ramifications. At the same time, people don't care about the animal beyond how many babies she can make so they can sell them off for money. The few responsible breeders of any animals will see them as a companion first and a breeder second, and keep some of the litter for themselves (for any rodent, at least).

    I've been raised with a lot of animal friends, ranging from dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, and now rats (which a year ago, I wouldn't have even considered). It's a little easier for me (and any pet "owner," though I'm sure it's the pet who does the owning) to empathize with the pain animals go through. A lot of people think that breeders and pet stores (and those damned puppy mills) are the best bet, but that's just not true. I mean, sure you can get a good animal there, but in shelters, you can get an animal who is all ready socialized with people, and you're doing a greater good to both the animal, and the world. But, I don't need to tell you that. :)

  9. "In a perfect vegan world," it's honestly just something I say, seeing as it's a vegan blog. In my we'll say "ideal" world instead of perfect, I would love it if our society was vegan or at least more vegan. Am I going to force it on people? No. Do I wish everyone could and would adopt a diet which is more conscious towards living beings, yes, I do. Do I really think they're going to? Heck no. So it's kind of just like the normal saying "in a perfect world ... insert completely unattainable goal here."

    And honestly, I never even defined what my "perfect vegan world" was in the post, so for her to react to it in the way she did was a bit unnecessary. And to infer that a perfect world would mean we're all brainwashed is a bit ironic to me, seeing as how I'm writing a blog from the perspective of a vegan, a lifestyle that only an estimated 2-3 percent of the world adheres to. So in a world where more than 90% of the population is in fact following a diet high in meat(unnecessarily high)and incredibly poor quality meat at that, it makes you wonder who is really doing the brainwashing.

    I readily admit that this particular post was on the preachy and caustic side, I meant it to be that way. But to judge my entire blog by one post isn't fair. I pride myself on being one of the least pushy vegans and for how opinionated I am in general, that says a lot. So from time to time, there will be a rant and if people decide to form their opinion off of one rant instead of a compilation of posts, then so be it.

  10. I did however, forget to commend you guys for educating yourself on everything you need to know about your pets, which is so awesome.

    And it's great to hear another advocate for rescue animals, they're usually such wonderful creatures and you're right, they're almost twice as grateful because it's like they realize they're getting another chance.

    Forgot to applaud you guys on those couple of things :)

  11. Again, wires got crossed, mainly at the phrase "perfect world." Cami did read the FAQ's and such, but it was after she read the post, and the proverbial damage was all ready done. Yeah, I'm trying to mediate, the last thing I need is my girlfriend getting in a fight with an ex-softball player. :P She's going to comment, so as to not have a constant middle man, but this wasn't meant to be contentious as it was. I'll let her explain it. From where I'm at, it's partly pet peeve gone wild, which I'll fully admit to having an effect on me a lot (damn odd numbers).

  12. I did actually read the FAQ before, commenting. It's a habit of mine that if I'm to be commenting on something, especially a personal issue for someone directly in the conversation I will try to gather a bit of info. What truly bothered me as Ben said, was the "Perfect World" it's one of those issues that with me I will lose my cool. Which is rare, as Ben can attest.

    I will admit that I lost my cool, I jumped the gun and it isn't as though you're a bad person or you're brainwashing anyone or any of that crap. What it really was is that one of my two blind-spots was triggered. I am a person that values personal expression and someone who, while not agreeing with you, would not change your view or make you do anything you wished not to do.

    That's where the "Perfect World" thing comes into play, it's a phrase riddled with negative imagery for me, being a history buff, because I realize that perfection in this world is unattainable. As you had said, it's a common turn of phrase. It's just one that I rarely tolerate because of the implications for suppression of individuality.

    Having not had a point of reference from the post was also what made me jump the gun. I hadn't known anything about your time volunteering in shelters and if that had been mentioned as a possible reason, I may have been more understanding.

    I do agree on the point of needing animals fixed if you don't have a breeding purpose (such as service dogs/working dogs). I also agree on the meat industry being full of bullsh*t (pun intended ;]).

    There is not a lot of processed meat I eat, because I look around the world and then I think about the fact that none of them allow our meat to be imported. You seriously have to ask questions when the majority of the world is saying that your meat is poison.

    I realize that most of the contention was due to misunderstanding, and for that I do apologize. There are times I will lose my cool, phrases like "Perfect World" and anything involving abuse of a child or spouse and I will lose it, skip calm discussion and start yelling. Obviously the latter is NOT the issue here.

    I've seen photos of your daughter, she is beautiful, by the way. Thank you for the notice in animals' health. My rats are the reason I want to become a geneticist and immunologist. Again, this wasn't how I normally behave in a discussion. I remarked to Ben that you could have had the cutest photo of your daughter dressed as a pea pod and I still wouldn't have been calm. Haha, so, honestly I do apologize for the air of contention and malice. Normally that is not how I will react in a debate.

    Wish you the best. I also have a question, I know true veganism involves a complete lack of animal products and if I'm not mistaken things such as Omega-3 Fatty Acids that are crucial in heart health are animal-based. How do you get those into your diet? Or do you have another substitute?

  13. I really appreciate your time to reevaluate the situation and completely understand the perfect world trigger. There are certain things from my vegan standpoint that if I read I will lose my cool. My FAQ section is a bit on the sarcastic side, which is a large part of my personality, so I admit it could irk you as well if you're a very passionate nonvegan :) But there are several posts which I do discuss vegan issues very open mindedly (I invented that word lol) and I can really only think of probably one other which is about the dairy industry where I probably come off as preachy and caustic.

    As for the Omega 3 issue, most flax seeds have more than 100 percent of your daily needs, so we always make sure to add this to our daughter's breakfast and snacks. She also gets a multivitamin specifically designed for a vegan child, so it has 100% of her daily needs for B12.

    We actually took her to a pediatric nutritionist and mapped out her must haves for the day, week and how to get all her protein without it coming only from soy (because there's a big battle about that too). We vegans like our drama lol.

    And thank you, we think she's a beautiful child as well, but I guess we're kind of bias ;)

  14. Ahh, gotcha. I didn't even know about flax seeds, so thank you :) Yeah, I understand that bias. I have a young niece and nephew that when people compliment I tend to gush. ^_^

  15. I love your blog :) keep up the good work!!!!