A journey of faith

I didn't really grow up religious.

Aside from picking and choosing friends to spend Sunday service with, my family and I have always parted ways when it comes to our "faith."

It's not that we don't have one, I'd like to believe that my mother, father and brother all have some sort of belief in the great unknown out there, even if they don't know they do.

When it comes to faith, I really, really want to believe in the power of it. Sometimes, I even do. But every now and then there's this sinking suspicion that I only believe in it because I want to, not because I actually, deep down do.

Which, if I were living life just for myself, maybe a sort-of faith would be acceptable.

But I'm not.

Now, I'm living it for her:

For them.

And honestly, a whole hoard of others that have a special place in my heart, from the family I grew up with, the one I married into, the one I spent college with and the future one Ryan and I will continue to make for ourselves.

So I guess it's about time to figure out what we believe. Or at the very least, it's time to start trying. 

We're not really sure where faith, religion and veganism will fall in line or if they will at all. But we're willing to start looking for the answers, because I want to have them ready when Pearyn starts asking them. And not because I want to "be right," but because I want to believe in them. 

I can't help but wonder however, what other faiths vegan or veg-friendly families follow. I've been involved in more arguments over the Bible's instructions on slaughtering animals for food and necessities than I'd like to admit, so  we're going to tread lightly and carefully on this path. We're going to explore lots of different avenues, from Buddhism to Christianity. 

And hopefully at the end of all this, we're going to find something that's right for us. And just like veganism, while it may not be right or even accepted by every one else, we're ready to find something willing to believe in - to put our faith in. 

While I certainly don't expect veganism to fit into one perfect little religious box, I'd like to find a marriage between the two ways of life if possible. 

So for now, we're going to start from the beginning. 

Once upon a time there was man and he was created by ... 

To be continued. 


  1. My vegan family has made a new home in our local unitarian church. We like it a lot and feel respected there. The Church Association has recently adopted an ethical eating position which while not vegetarian or vegan does request that all members at least take a look at how their eating effects other people and the environment. I think that is a step in the right direction.


    Personally my family is more towards the buddhist end of the religious spectrum, but Unitarianism includes it all. Plus they offer an awesome build your own theology class which I am signing up for this year.

  2. I am a Christian minister, still new this whole vegan lifestyle, but yes vegan/vegetarian ways of eating most definitely fit my religious beliefs. In the Old Testament God told the people what to eat and what not to eat and even if it did include some animals that was more for survival than just because they were good for food. I also think that eating meat is kind of a concession, "man" (of course I mean men and women) were meant to live in peace, the Garden of Eden was full of fruits and vegetables and there is no mention of eating flesh until after Adam and Eve being kicked out. No matter if one believes in a literal Adam and Eve or not the truth of what life should have been like is still in their story.

    Good for you for seeking what you believe and wanting the best for your family. I believe that the wanting to have faith is a great place to start. Ask God to be reveal himself (herself) to you and watch and see what happens. I have heard amazing stories of people who want to know God being lead to just the right places at the right times where they can find their faith and strength.

  3. Thank you both for the thoughts and advice! We will most definitely look into both of those options and some of what you suggested. It feels so overwhelming to be figuring out such a big part of our lives, but I really want to make sure we do it right! :)