The Fab Five reasons cloth diapering is so worth it

The other day I was visiting one of my good friends who recently had a little baby girl. While comparing tales of motherhood (in her first week of being a mommy she's already had a much smoother transition than me) when precious Pearyn decided to take a gigantic number two in her diaper.

So what, kids poop, right?

Well, my little girl usually has a really nice schedule. Once in the morning and sometimes once in the evening. And since we're usually in our home for these little "presents" it's really no big deal, we just pop the cloth insert out of the diaper wrap and spray it off with the attachment hooked to our toilet (minimal mess, minimal fuss).

Except yesterday, at my friend's house, there was no handy dandy sprayer, just me, a really dirty diaper and a toilet.

It's times like those I question my sanity regarding cloth diapers.

But really, they're so worth it. And these Fab Five reasons are only the beginning.

No. 1) Let's face it, they're way cuter than regular diapers. From cutesty butterfly-covered covers to plain blue or pink, cloth diapers are certainly not as one-dimensional as disposable diapers. Not to mention how much cuter they look when you let your baby run around in just a diaper.

No. 2) They're good for the environment. Seriously good for the environment. In fact, Americans (JUST Americans alone) throw away enough disposable diapers every year to to stretch from the moon and back at a minimum of seven times. Couple that with the fact that they can take anywhere from 300-500 years to decompose and I'm thinking we'll be able to build an actual bridge to the moon with the amount of disposable diapers we go through.

No. 3) They're good for a baby's bum, in more ways than one. Take for example Pearyn, who unfortunately inherited my lack of "back." (Mommy most certainly does not have back, and now, baby doesn't either). This can make for a difficult time filling out all those cute bloomers and skirts. Not to mention most baby's have less diaper rash with cloth diapers. Keeping your baby's bottom rash free? Now that's a reason to cloth.

No. 4) The COST. While shelling out anywhere from $12-25 for every diaper or diaper cover may seem expensive (plus the packs of inserts if you decide to go with wraps instead of all-in-one diapers), it's really just the first, initial cost that will set you back. I lucked out and got a few great deals on Pearyn's diapers, but ultimately I've saved far more by doing cloth than by buying even the cheapest disposable. For four Thirsties diaper covers and three packs of inserts I spent around $75. (And seeing as how you need to wash the diapers every two-three days, this is all that I really need. That's the beauty of diaper covers, as long as Pearyn doesn't have an explosion, I can just swap inserts and use the same cover throughout the day).

So my one-time $75 investment has saved me a total of $480 in six months. And our water bill has only gone up $2 since starting. Sounds like a win-win for mommy.

No. 5) Did I mention how cute they are?

Just look at that cute little tooshie!


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