Pear’s first time to the beach

At least this week I have a good excuse.

The T clan packed our bags and left on a jet plane this past Monday, destination: Pensacola, Florida.

It was a nice little vacation thrown together by my brother, and we were just lucky enough to have the kind of jobs that let us jet away to Florida for four days with barely a weeks notice. One of the many, many, many upsides of working from home (I can take home anywhere), not to mention one of the perks of being a general manager (and the one who makes the schedule).

While we returned on Thursday, it really felt like a Sunday to me because we’d had a few days off in a row. So even though today is really Saturday, it kind of feels like a Tuesday or something to me.

At any rate, here are my Fab Five reasons Pensacola Beach is a totally rocking place to take a family vacation.

No. 1: The beach, the beach and the beach some more. While I’ve had the pleasure of going to several Florida beaches throughout my softball career and family vacations, none of them compared to the pretty white sand and turquoise water this beach had. Not quite clear like the tropical waters, but not nearly as cloudy as the non pan handle beaches.

No. 2: The hotels. There were more than a dozen hotels lining the above beautiful beach, from the pricey Margaritaville and Hilton hotels, to the more affordable Hampton Inn. There was something for everyone, and well, more than enough for us. Not to mention the balcony on our hotel. Can we say ridiculously perfect?

No. 3: The pools. While spending an afternoon poolside might seem a tad mundane when you’ve got the giant force that is the ocean 50 feet away, it’s ideal for not-quite-one-year-olds who are terrified of said ocean. In this case, our little P. She was less than pleased with the cool water and rippling waves, so if we wanted to catch any fun in the sun it was by the two pools our Hilton had. (Which happened to include a kick ass kids pool with sprayers and shallow water).

No. 4: The views. I’m convinced that regardless of where you’re located in Pensacola, there’s something beautiful to look at. Whether it’s the ocean or the bay side, you’re surrounded by gorgeous water and pristine white beaches no matter where you turn. And the up side? It’s a more family-oriented beach, so instead of views of partied-out spring break goers you see moms, dads and kids.

No. 5: The people. And I’m not referring to the Pensacola natives, although, they were pretty helpful and pleasant for the most part (sans airport security), but the wonderful people we spent our vacation with. It’s much harder leaving paradise when you’re also leaving behind your brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew. I’m now a firm believer — there’s no such thing as a «family» vacation without the whole family. So this one would have been just perfect, had grandpa and grandma made it down.

Oh well, there’s always the summer.



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