The second annual Fab Five Friday (on Saturday … oops)

SO Friday ended up being a busy day for this mama. Between snapping shots of every little thing that Pearyn ingests, to typing up reports and enjoying a date night with friends, I couldn’t scrape together the 10 minutes needed to blog my Fab Five Friday list!

I brainstormed this week about what exactly I should make a Fab list for, and after scattering to find a babysitter last minute for our evening out last night, I knew precisely what this blog would be about.

MY Fab Five reasons living in my hometown rocks:

No. 1: The family. I live within 15 minutes of four aunts, a handful of cousins, a grandmother and within one mile of my parents. Pearyn won’t be able to reach her arms out with some sort of family member there to reach back. And while I certainly wish she could know the T’s side a little more, just knowing she’s growing up in a decent little town surrounded by at least one set of family is assuring enough.

No. 2: The memories. I can’t even make a trip to the grocery store without passing some sort of memorable spot. Whether it’s the outdoor venue where I went to my first concert, the porch where I got my first kiss, or the softball field I won my first softball game, I’ll never be short of stories for my little girl so long as we never leave this town.

No. 3: The friends, the friends and more friends. I don’t know if it’s just something in the water, but it seems like more and more of the people I graduated with, people I grew up with, are moving back to the Dayton area. While most people dread their high school reunion, I basically attend one every Tuesday with a group of other mothers I graduated with. I have to admit, it’s more than nice to reconnect with people who don’t just know where I come from, but come from the same place as well.

Can you find Pearyn in the photo below? (Hint, she’s not far from her dragon-eating boyfriend).

No. 4: The town itself. I’m so over listening to friends and not-really-acquaintances complain about there never being anything to do. There’s always something little going on around our neck of the woods, and in the event our little city has nothing of interest, we’re less than 20 minutes from several other little towns with even more offerings. If you can’t find something to do in this town, it’s because you’re lazy and don’t want to leave your house or you’re the most impossible person in the world to please.

No. 5: The neighborhoods. In my neighborhood alone, there are dozens of kids. As I drive past the little houses, I see tiny tots in swings hanging from trees, play stations built with someones own hands and bikes, tricycles and big wheels. Neighborhoods filled with little kids means parents watching over them — and yours. It’s a secure little area to raise a beautiful little family, safely.

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