The first of many fab five Fridays

In an attempt to fall into a more regular blogging routine, I've decided to make Fridays my "Fab Five" day. And pretty much like most things I plan, I do them far later than I initially set out to, so I should probably point out that I did in fact start my first Fab Five Friday list at 11:55 p.m. Friday, so technically, it counts.

In addition to helping me frequent my blog, I have a feeling it's going to help me focus on some positive aspects of my life -- and let's face it -- who doesn't need a little positivity in their life?

So for my first Fab Five Friday (say that five times fast) list, I've decided to dedicate it to my entire basis for this blog -- my beautiful little girl.

MY Fab Five reasons being a parent is so kick ass:

No. 1: You're completely and utterly in charge of this tiny human being. You can help shape and mold them into anything you want, whether it be a fairy princess or the first female president. And while it's absolutely the most scary thing you've ever had to do, it's also -- without a doubt -- the most worthwhile thing you will ever do with your life. (Heck, you can even make them into a Yankees fan!)

No. 2: You have an entire network of people who you all the sudden have something in common with. In fact, I've spent the last 10 Tuesdays with a few women who are becoming incredibly close friends, all because we feel each others pain (literally). We usually end up doing more playing than our children at our playdates. It's like the best "no boys allowed" club you've ever belonged to.

No. 3: You can wear them. Simple as that. What other living being is going to not only fit into a tiny carrier, but then let you cart them around everywhere? From hiking to baking, my little side kick (or front kick in this case) is never more than an inch away from me.

No. 4: I fell in love all over again -- and not just with my intelligent, beautiful, charming little girl, but with my husband. Seeing your partner become a parent opens up an entirely new side of that person to you. There is nothing more endearing than the look on Pearyn's face when her daddy comes through that door after working 10 hours. And the best part? He has the same on on his.

No. 5: You develop an appreciation for all the small things again. Having a child allows you to experience everything through them. I don't care how cliche it might sound, it's the truth. You start to see what makes the smallest, most insignificant thing amazing again. As adults, we require so much to entertain and woo us. As children, all it takes sometimes is a giant, plush cupcake.