A day in the life of Pearyn’s stomach: Wednesday

I think I’m cursed.

As a female who has been on the thicker side of the spectrum pretty much her entire life, I don’t know the pains of the skinny. In fact, if you’d asked me before having my little girl, the only pains they face are whether to wear their super cute, super revealing green bikini or their more flirty pink one. It must be so hard to not worry about love handles hanging over your bikini bottom or the «girls» falling out of your top.

I was a little cynical to say the least (and a lot bitter).

And then, Pearyn was born.

Some how, this full-figured mom was blessed with a string bean, calorie-burning machine of a daughter. Personally, I think it’s just my karma that after an entire lifetime of battling weight and body image issues, I would give birth to a naturally thin little girl. Someone, somewhere, is really laughing up a storm.

So now, while I sit around worrying about every last calorie that’s going into my mouth, I’m practically shoveling them into Pearyn’s.

With those worries on my mind, and Pearyn taking less and less of her bottle (aka her lifeforce) each day, my husband and I made an appointment with a certified clinical nutritionist to discuss our daughter’s diet (or according to everyone else who doesn’t understand a vegan diet) her lack of one.

Turns out, we are on the right track. In fact, we’re better than on the right tract. Our diet for our rambunctious, active little girl got an A++ from the nutritionist. The only small tweaks we had to make were simply suggestions to ease our own worried minds (things like taking away some of the soy and adding some more natural protein sources), not to mention assuring that she’s getting all her essential vitamins (things like B12 and calcium that meat-eaters and dairy drinkers find impossible for us to get).

While tempted to take the «I told you so» route for all the non-veg believers, I decided instead to keep a food diary of all the things that enter Pearyn’s mouth for the next week (lint excluded), to help ease all those worried minds about our vegan diet «killing» our child (see tomorrow’s post for more on that garbage).

So here it is in all it’s glory, Pearyn’s Wednesday menu:

Pearyn starts her morning off with a bottle and some oatmeal with fresh raspberries, blackberries and a sprinkle of milled flax seeds for her Omega 3 needs.

After her long nap and to prepare for her big playdate later that day, she snacked on some organic tofu cubes, spinach mashed potatoes and coconut milk. (And during her playdate when she needed a little pick-me-up, she noshed on homemade lemon poppy seed mini-muffins, filled with oat flour, bran and all sorts of goodness and a sippy cup of water).

After a relaxing snooze (or what I refer to as her post playdate coma), our little one gobbled down some organic, no sugar added, berry applesauce mixed with green bean puree (because she just doesn’t have the stomach for green veggies quite yet), a vegan Gardenburger patty (the nutritionist OK’d a minimal amount of mock meat, as long as it was more veggie, less mock) with some nutritional yeast sprinkled on top (for that extra B12 boost) and a nice sippy cup of coconut milk.

Just because we’re vegan doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy rich, not-good-for-you-in-large-doses milk shakes, so daddy even let Pearyn have a few spoonfuls of his chocolate iced goodness.

Pearyn rounded her evening out with a nighttime bottle of her lifeforce juice, chock full of her vitamin to ease that «just in case» nagging voice.

We’re working everyday to ensure our little girl gets exactly every little thing she needs (and then some) to grow not only into a healthy woman, but a compassionate one — which is why we choose to keep any and all animals off our plates, bodies and out of our cleaning supplies and personal products.

A day in the life of Pearyn’s stomach: Wednesday: 2 комментария

  1. Love it! And love Pearyn, too! (I am also kind of surprised how much she and I eat alike? I had oatmeal and blackberries yesterday for breakfast, and a vegan Gardenburger for lunch…weird!!)

  2. Hello ?? I really love your three day break down of Pear’s meals. I have a 13 month old & really want to transition him to an all vegan diet. We have already started as a family! I am curious about lifeforce… What is that exactly? I’m going to the library today to look up fat content & non-dairy milk to help me choose the right transitioning nondairy milk. Thank you!

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