A day in the life of Pearyn’s stomach: Friday

Friday was a busy day for the T household, we spent it catching up on work and with friends. Ryan and I went to a baseball game with another couple, while Pearyn spent the evening with one of my favorite families — the B’s. After spending most of the evening running from her two-day-younger boyfriend, I hear she settled down and bashed a lot of tofu and even more muffins. All and all it was a great day for mommy and daddy and an even better for P.

As promised, I snapped a photo of all the healthy (and sometimes more tasty than healthy) foods that visited Pearyn’s stomach on Friday.

Pearyn started her morning off with an organic, whole grain waffle topped with ground flaxseeds and leftover banana, almond butter and blackberry topping. She washed this bad boy down with a nice bottle of lifeforce.

Pearyn woke up from her nap famished, so rather than dealing with the starving beast I fed her and snapped a shot halfway through. Once again, I’ve found if I mix basically any and everything with her «pear»sauce she’ll pretty much eat it. In this case, we made some brown rice and black beans (the perfect protein according to our nutritionist, because what one is lacking in the other makes up for, but you have to eat them together!) and mixed it with a broccoli puree and pearsauce. The lunch of champions! She also
threw back a cold sippy cup of coconut milk.

Throughout the day, Pearyn snacked on banana, blueberry and lemon poppy seed muffins (when mommy bakes, she bakes A LOT), organic apple chunks and a few tangy tomato crunchies. (We do give her some processed foods from time to time, we just monitor how much and keep it in moderation).

For dinner, Pearyn had some extra firm tofu plus (formulated with special vitamins for vegetarian and vegan diets) in brown sauce and some whole wheat pasta in a nutritional yeast sauce with corn. She enjoyed this dinner with her coconut milk as well.

Pearyn killed a few more ounces of her «lifeforce» and then turned in for the night, not in a crib or play pin, but ON Mama B. Apparently they both appreciated the cuddling, however.

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