«Go home. We don’t like people like you. Go to a doctor to be normal, you get this?»

I’ve been waiting for the right time to use this title. About a month ago my husband and I were watching one of the four million documentaries on John Lennon (he could probably tell you the exact one, who directed it, the exact minute this quote is used). During one of the scenes, Lennon and his wife were holding an infamous «bed-in» while reading letters of support, and well, just plain hatred.

It’s completely mind boggling to me how much hatred someone could have for John Lennon. Wishing death upon him and saying things like «Go home. We don’t like people like you. Go to a doctor to be normal, you get this?»

Some righteous, uptight, know-it-all person out there thought the best use of their time was to write a letter to one of the most peaceful people in the world, simply to tell him to «go see a doctor and get normal.» You’re busy writing hateful letters to pop stars and HE needs to go get normal?

Isn’t it shocking how the people who preach nonviolence are always the victims of it? Here most of us spend our time mocking all those people with the strength to be different and not ashamed of it, and yet, we think we’re the sane ones?

It’s starting.

We fed our little girl tofu for the first time a few days ago. We let it soak in a trivial amount of low-sodium sauce to give it a little more flavor and then cut it up into tiny pieces to let her further develop her finger food skills. She absolutely loved it. I’m not sure if she really cared what it tasted like, but just enjoyed being able to chew something up. She kept making a «mmmm» sound and would screech until we put more on the tray (we tried to only put a few pieces down at once or else she’d shove them in her mouth, chew and forget to swallow).

Apparently though, there’s something incredibly wrong and detrimental in our feeding Pearyn tofu. Well, at least a few women at the grocery store seem to think so. While having a conversation with a friend about what a momentous occasion this was to be giving my daughter more finger foods, two women decided to wait until I was off the phone to politely tell me what a terrible mother I was. «How on Earth could I think feeding my child processed ‘beans’ would be a substantial enough diet for a growing baby? Didn’t I know she would die if she never took a drink of real, Vitamin D, milk or ate chicken nuggets? Growing babies need meat and milk and not — God forbid — beans, vegetables and fruits to grow strong.»

It took everything in me to not throw out some «hormone riddled, dead carcass of an animal» caustic comment. Instead, I politely declined their opinions and informed them that the doctor was completely supportive and on board with our bean curd eating girl and walked away. I may or may not have mumbled something about how «processed» their precious grown in a third of the time, but two thirds the size of normal birds chicken nuggets were as I walked away though.

Seriously? I constantly receive flack for the choice to raise a vegan family, whether it’s about my depriving my child of something, her being malnourished or it being «too weird» to be right.

The best part? I’m labeled the nut job. I’m minding my own business in the grocery store, I get told what a crappy mother I am by complete strangers, and yet, because I don’t eat meat, dairy or anything of the sort, I’m the one pushing an agenda.

I can honestly say I’ve never walked up to someone in the grocery store and told them the horror stories about where their precious roast beef is coming from. I don’t hang out in the dairy section waiting to tell some random bypasser who’s just trying to pick up some milk about the nearly 15-20 year shortened life span of a dairy cow or how they wail for weeks, even months, for their babies that got taken away not even an hour after the gave birth. No. I just go about my business and head for the almond milk.

I realize that by being vegan, by being different, we signed ourselves up for this lifestyle and everything that goes along with it.

I also realize that every «group» of people has a few crazies, a few people who can’t help but push buttons and get in people’s faces … whether you’re a meat eater, a vegan, a Christian or a Buddhist, it’s part of living in a society which encourages freedom of expression.

But next time, do me a favor. Quit assuming I’m automatically one of them just because I don’t like to gnaw on a steak like «everyone else.»

Boy, my tofu-eating, almond milk drinking, vegetable inhaling girl sure looks deprived and sickly, doesn’t she?

«Go home. We don’t like people like you. Go to a doctor to be normal, you get this?»: 2 комментария

  1. I am so proud of you Amanda! Seriously…we are far from Vegan but just taking dairy out of our kids diets changed our lives forever! Yes maybe long time ago when the farmer in the dell’s cow had a baby and after the baby was done we got the leftover milk was okay but those days are LONG gone! We just love you guys! Just so you know……

  2. I wrote a whole long comment. It didn’t work. Mostly, I ranted, I raged. The point? Keep doing what you are doing. Having known you for a fairly long time, I am glad to see your conversion to veganism, and to see you raising your child as a vegan as well. It is inspiring, and I admire both of you for what you are doing.

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