Five Fabulous Friday things the T clan did this week!

This wasn't an exceptionally special week.

It was just an ordinary, fall week spent around the house.

Sometimes it's exactly what a family needs though. Time to defrazzle from the demands of life and time to enjoy each others company.

So when we have a lay-low weekend in the T household, we usually wind up doing these Five Fabulous things:

No. 1) We get a nice, relaxing start to the morning. Sure, we don't necessarily snooze in any longer, but instead of starting the day of rush, rush, rushing, we like to give ourselves a little extra time to enjoy the beginning of the day. We eat a nice breakfast, drink our coffee more slowly and we enjoy each others company (or sometimes, The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse's company). Didn't you know? Pearyn's favorite phrase now is "Mee Mouse," which clearly means Mickey Mouse.

No. 2) We bake. OK, that's a lie. I bake, Ryan eats what I bake and Pearyn makes a mess while I bake. When I want to hang around the house, I usually end up making some fluffy treat to enjoy while doing so. This week is was Pumpkin Whoopie Pies, did you get the chance to look at them yet, they'll have you drooling ...

No. 3) We have a family movie night. We get all snuggled up under blankets and we watch something that makes us all ooey and gooey on the inside. And then, when Pearyn goes to bed, mommy and daddy watches some kind of slasher movie to clear out that mushy-feeling from the movie before. Pear really gets into movie night, especially when it means hanging out in her sleeping-bag-esque couch.

No. 4) After bumming around the house for a few days, we do actually venture outside of our home. Whether it's running errands or going to the park, we make it a point to get our butts in gear and at least get a few things done. This week we spent a few hours at a neighborhood park. Pearyn is really starting to enjoy the slides and swings, which makes it more enjoyable for mom and dad too. Have you been on a swing yourself in a while? I forgot how much it makes your stomach flip flop! I highly recommend it!

No. 5) We hang out with grandma and grandpa. Family is extremely important to me, so we're frequent visitors with my parents, my aunts, my cousins, really anyone if we consider you family. We have coffee Saturdays with all the women folk and weened trips to my parent's house. Needless to say, Pearyn's favorite people on the planet might be grandma and grandpa (other than mommy and daddy of course).

All and all it was a phenomenal week ... which is great because we've got an incredibly busy one ahead of us. I'll be working longer hours and the husband will be away at a convention for work AND we'll be packing for our one-week getaway in Hilton Head! (We're not rich, Ry won something at work and we're taking full advantage of it!)

This hand-holding phase never gets old <3


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