Five Fabulous Friday methods to get with the Fall

Yesterday was the official end of summer (although in my world I had declared it over weeks ago). 

You know what that means ...

it's fall! My absolute favorite time of the year.

With it's cozy temperatures (exempt from the summer's brutal heat and the winter's cold shoulder), scrumptious food and super cute crafts, this is BY FAR the best season of them all. 

Last week I provided you with five fun things to do with a pumpkin, so this Fabulous Friday list includes tips to help you usher in my favorite season, in true Chubby Vegan Mom fashion. 

No. 1) Bake something delicious. Whether it's pumpkin-inspired muffins or cupcakes, or maybe something completely non pumpkin flavored, just bake something. There is nothing more fall than throwing together some flour, sugar and egg replacer and baking it into something decadent.

No. 2) Cozy up on the couch with a good book, magazine or Nook and just read. Open the doors and let the crisp fall air in, curl up with a blanket and a bunch of pillows and just be content. Can't stand reading? Then grab your laptop or tablet and curl up with that. 

No. 3) Enjoy some fall fashion. Wear long sleeves, but bare your legs; or show off your biceps while you wear a pair of skinny jeans; or just throw on a hoodie and walk around the house in complete comfort. Regardless of what fashion statement you want to make, Fall awards you the opportunity to create some awesome combos from your summer, spring and winter wardrobes.

No. 4) Make a fun fall craft. After seeing a friend's homemade wreath on Facebook (completely stylish and adorable), I've decided I'm going to try my hand at making one myself. It's really simple, just type in "fall crafts" to Google and pick whatever seems interesting to you. Or complete both this step and step one and bake in a jar and give it to friends. 

No. 5) Buy a pumpkin. Buy a big one, medium or mini one, white, green or orange, it doesn't matter. Nothing will get you in the fall spirit like having some pumpkins around the house. Paint on them, bake with them or carve them, just get some and do something to them!


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