Ch Ch Ch Changes …

I’m in the process of making some serious changes around Cupcakes for Pearyn.

Bear with me.


I’m testing out backgrounds, styles and photos, not to mention go-go-gadgeting the side bar, so until I’ve found something that’s more «Pearyn meets Mommy’s vision» AND user friendly, well, let’s just say there are orange construction barrels all over this site. (And why shouldn’t there be? I can’t leave my house without running into one, so in my opinion cyberspace is very fair game).

Among these exciting changes is the new and not improved because it seriously is new, Cupcakes for Pearyn Twitter! Are you a tweeter? Do me a big, huge favor and click on that fancy link there and «follow» cupcakes. Just think of it as the mini muffin of this fine blog.

I wish that I had more time to delve into our adventures over the last few days, but honestly, I’m drained just thinking about them, let alone typing them all out. And the sun kind of sucked all the energy out of me anyhow.

So here’s a preview of all the fun we’ve had here at Cupcakes the last few days.

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